What's the Sam & Max-less time-stream like?

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So, I just realized something: Max ditching his time-stream means there's now a New York City without the Freelance Police.

If the Sam & Max we hadn't played as strayed paths with the ones we have, then what does that mean exactly? I assume those two never came in contact with the events in What's New Beelzebub?, so the Soda Poppers might be in charge of Hell. Then the unseen, "Sam-becoming-a-monster" adventures happened, causing Hell's biggest suppliers to disappear off the face of the Earth.

So what's going on exactly? Did Hell go out of business? Did Skunkape arrive, take over the Earth, and obtain the Toys of Power? And does that mean Charlie Ho-Tep found a way to summon Junior?

Come to think of it, this might make an interesting Season 4.


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    Nah. The versions of Sam and Max from the past, who steal the time machine, were replaced by their future selves who were forced to relive all their preceding adventures from that point onwards in order to keep the time continuum more or less the same. They don't come from a different timestream or universe, so nothing actually changes.
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    Hey, good point!

    I didn't expect there to be an actual answer (it's Sam and Max for crying out loud - the last villain was a Superego), just useless speculation for the hell of it, since it seems like people are thinking about the series again. But I think you might be right.

    I guess the other duo were just off in the past or future with the time machine they re-stole? That would explain how that Max managed to find the other Sam.
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    Indeed; the way the Season Three epilogue wrapped that loose end up was a thing of beauty. Detailed info at the Sam & Max wiki.
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    i have a theory about it but you'll hear about it later
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    I read a very good version about Sam and max time line on TVtropes. it basically goes into multiple time lines and such and sounds a little convoluted but it still fits though
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