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Generic 'Telltale should make...' thread

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Was this ever discussed as a potential license? The book series is immensely popular and I guess the license isn't too expensive since the TV series bombed. The stories contain quite a bit of detective work and therefore could probably easily adapted into a computer game, probably as a kind of side story to the ongoing story arc - I mean, there are tons of novellas and short stories already.
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  • What possible game would benefit from it? Poker Night is the only one and that's up for question.
  • I doubt that they'll ever make a multiplayer game as they tend to focus on games with a strong story which don't translate to multiplayer well.
  • Ah, but wouldn't it be a blast if one of us could be Sam and the other could be Max?
  • Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a 'Doctor Who' game made by Telltale?

    If you ask me, I think there's potential in making this kind of game, especially a point-and-click adventure game, because trust me, trying to make an 'action packed' 'Doctor Who' game generally doesn't work.

    Think about it, can you think of a good 'Doctor Who' game off the top of your head? (Although I'd argue 'Destiny of the Doctors' was average to say the least)

    No, not really. Even 'The Eternity Clock' was just plain awful, by the way, if you managed to mod a US PS3 to play region 2 games (because it was only a region 2 game, unless you bought the game on Steam, in that case, never mind) then it must've been a waste of time playing through all those tedious puzzles...but I digress.

    'Doctor Who' is all about investigating and immersing into alien worlds and strange atmospheres, it wasn't always about action (which is what I hate about the new series), it was kind of like mystery and suspense, granted there were some action sequences, but that wasn't the main focus of the show/the series.

    This would be ideal for a point-and-click adventure game because it would properly immerse players into the 'Doctor Who' universe (or "Who-niverse" as some people call them), they could play as the Doctor solving puzzles, gathering clues and evidence, investigating hostile aliens and monsters, and when the time's right, there could be some intense action sequences like 1 on 1 situations with the Doctor against the monsters (i.e. the Daleks) thrown in to make the game perfect.

    Wouldn't it be cool if Telltale Games got hold of the license to make these games? We'd finally have some good 'Doctor Who' games for once. Although, only time will tell.
  • Well, there was this episodic point-and-click Doctor Who adventure game series:
  • thesporkman;794481 said:
    Well, there was this episodic point-and-click Doctor Who adventure game series:
    I remember that. They killed it after the first episode of season 2, probably so they could focus more on The Eternity Clock.
  • Please, don't delete, but I got an idea.
    Seing as such a good comic/TV title as Walking Dead is made a good game, I think you could do games based on Carpenter's most suspense and thrilling films - Assault on precinct 13 (1976) and The Thing (1982). Both are great and would do great for a game kind of Walking Dead episodes, plus, if apply some diversity to base material, there is plenty of possibilities.
  • Fuck Carpenter's work, why not go with THE Carpenters?
  • They Live or Big Trouble in Little China
  • I saw an article where you guys said you wished you could work on a lot of different franchises like Star Wars, Half Life, and other games, but with your engine and a focus on story like with Walking Dead and BTTF.

    Have you guys ever thought about one in the Batman universe? I don't mean one where the player plays Batman because a lack of action would make it feel out of place and quicktime events may seem forced. I was thinking about a story that revolved around Commissioner Gordon and a long involved mystery (or several) as you work with the Batman to bring down a (some) high tier villains in Gotham. It'd work perfectly with your engine and storytelling style.

    You could even make it primarily noir style. Black and white could even further allow you to capture the feeling while also reducing the graphical budget. Since it's comic based, it'd translate as well as The Walking Dead did.
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