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Season 2 Characters and Story

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  • Well, unless I see a body, then that person's still alive. The only people I'm fairly certain who will at least make an appearance are Christa, Omid, and Clem. Vernon's off to, well, who knows with OUR boat, Molly is still likely in Savannah, Lilly is probably on her own somewhere and not in the mood to make any new friends, and the last time we saw Kenny...well...

    Of course, just because we didn't see a body doesn't mean that they're alive, so I won't put high odds on anyone who wasn't part of the main group for more than an episode, and also with us in Episode 5, being seen as anything more than a walker chew toy at some point, if they appear at all.
  • Here's my theory:

    I think the Shadows weren't Omid and Christa, but the new protagonist and a companion from the beginning of Season 2, and they stumble upon Clem, who relates her story (and remembers everything my Lee taught her).

    I think that Omid and Christa did make it back to the train and holed up in the boxcar for a while to regroup (I sent them there rather than the fruitless endeavor of trying to find a boat), but once no one met them there they decided to make their own way. I think we'll meet up with them sometime during Season 2, but I don't think it'll be right off.

    Molly may make another appearance. Now that she knows there's nothing in Crawford, she'll keep sneaking in for supplies for a while, but that'll run out eventually and she'll have to make a move too. But she's flighty, she'll leave again - I don't see her as being a major part of Season 2.

    So far as Vernon goes - they deserve to starve out in the Gulf of Mexico for leaving us high and dry like that. Yeah, I know, I'm mean.

    As for Kenny... that's hard. I would LOVE, however, to see him turn up, covered from head to toe in Walker blood. It's unlikely, and after everything he's gone through he may not have the will to live anymore, but maybe he made it through.

    I agree with some of the others: if I didn't see a corpse, there's a chance that person made it. If I did see a corpse but that corpse didn't have it's head bashed in or brains blown out, there's a chance we'll see them as a walker. I didn't have Clem shoot Lee, so there's a walker Lee chained to a radiator in my world. I think I'd feel bad if I have to bash in Lee's brains in Season 2, but you have to do what you have to do to try to survive.

    I hope beyond hope that the new protagonist is as likeable as Lee. The way I played Lee was that he had demons in his past but he was a good person and had regrets. And besides, once the Zombie apocalypse started, the past kind of stayed in the past (although I got my butt chewed a few times for getting caught in lies). I would like to see the new protagonist as just another average person caught in this and learning the skills needed to survive based on the world they now exist in. I don't want it to be a current character, because I don't want an established character's back story (and the experiences they had with me as Lee) to affect the choices I make.
  • I hope we see Kenny dead like we did Chuck. That would make me super happy.

    That is all.
  • I still feel that Kenny's end was meant to be ambiguous enough for people to fill in the blanks in the way they saw fit.
  • I'd like to think that season two will tank on a totally different variety of people and this will be fore another couple seasons until we reach a final one where they all meet for the last stand :)
  • I just hope it's good, being better then Season 1 is almost impossible.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;794378 said:
    I just hope it's good, being better then Season 1 is almost impossible.
    "Now there's a statement i can get behind." -Kenny

    I think they could pull it off. I didn't expect a game would ever make me care so much about its characters, yet this little gem popped up and proved me wrong.
  • I'm sure they'll do a good job for season 2. I'm not even a fan of the zombie genre of entertainment, and this game made me think how things would play out if an outbreak happened.
  • I expect in to be good, it getting game of the year awards is unlikely due to all the major releases, but I would be happy enough for in to be just nominated.
  • Domingez;793158 said:
    Tyresse had a hammer, Kenny had only one bullet in the chamber and walkers from both side chances are slim he got out, but maybe if you saved some bullets for Kenny then maybe...
    yeah, but ty was a bit bigger and stronger ( and prolly smarter ) than kenny, not to mention hellbent
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