Impossible to play because of lag

Hello. I just bought the Playstation 3 disc version as it came out yesterday in Sweden and began to play it today. In the beginning it was good with barely no lag but now a bit further in the story of episode 1 it just lags, lags and lags. When there are timed questions I need to chance click on a button to answer it. I do not have the time to read the questions because of the lag.

It's not only a little lag either. It do interupt almost all the time. The audio works fine but the image is just freezing now and then. I have tried with several other games now and they work great with absolutely no lag.

I have also read on different forums that this have been an issue for a long time. Five months without a patch!? Without the lag I have no doubt I would love it and give it a 5/5 but right now it is unplayable.

So, is there coming out an update/patch soon? If not I have a feeling that I will not touch any Telltale Game ever again if I don't get 100% proof that it doesn't lag. It is sad that such a good game is ruined by lag. Where were your quality testers for the disc version?

Edit - I saw that Xbox 360 users got the option to get the downloadable version which had less lag, isn't this possible for Playstation 3 users also?


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    I downloaded the walking dead from playstation network today, and it also lags. I even died a couple of times because everything just freezes up.
    It ruins what could have been a excellent game. Why is it like this? Why sell me a broken product? Its been out a long time now. Is it not possible to fix?
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    don't waste your time. Telltale knows the problem since months and the us disk version. They don't even answers to people here. So funny to see they even sell the same fucked up thing to europe.
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    waste my money!!! cannot even play this game without lag and skip and frame rate issue
    this game is not even have excellent graphic! what the hell is going on!!!! sorry for my bad grammar! good people of the internet!
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    I have the same issue. Was really looking forward to playing this game, but incredibly disappointed that lag makes it very difficult to play, sometimes impossible. But I am even more disappointed that there has been so many complaints on this since the US release, and still the same disc version is released in europe without being fixed. very arrogant of telltale games to keep selling an obviously broken product..
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    I just purchased the game in UK. The game is ok if not much is happening, but when it heats up and you need to make decisions, the game starts lagging badly. I even miss choices and get stuck.

    What a shame. I wonder if installing the game could have helped, since bluray could be overloaded.

    I am generally quite disappointed that they still havent fixed their game after such a long time.
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