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Who would you Choose?

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Here's the scenario: Yes I know it's long, just stick with it and read please, otherwise you won't get it.

Clementine rushes to the two strangers to find it to be both Andy St. John and Danny (Presuming they're still alive). As Clementine backs away as the two get ready to grab her, they are both shot and fall to the ground. Clementine turns around to see three figures revealing themselves as they walk closer to be Christa, Omid and surprisingly Lilly who has seemed to have acquired a sniper rifle which she rests on her back with a strap.

Christa and Omid explained how Lilly saved them from the ever-growing herd at the train station and as they rush there to see if the herd is gone they see Kenny and Molly who are both outside the train about to step in. They re-unite and Kenny explains that Molly saved his life by using the sewer tunnels. After a conversation mainly contriving of their survival and plans for the future and a lot of explanation for what Lilly did eventually leading to Kenny and Lilly forgiving each other.

Vernon surprisingly returns as well, alongside Ben (Presuming he is alive) and explains that he found Ben lying in an alleyway as he saw Kenny and Molly disappear into the sewers. An automated bell tower rang and took the walkers away from Ben, as a beg for forgiveness Vernon helped patch Ben up and eventually the group forgives them.

A problem arises, eventually as the train is started by Kenny he tells Clementine to stay in the train and goes out to help fight off the growing herd of walkers that begin to surround the train and the group.

There are scarce saves, Molly is being gripped from the leg and Kenny saves her, Christa is reloading and is almost bit but Omid shoots the walker, even Lilly surprisingly manages to get knocked over and saved by Ben.

Clementine has an opportunity to save two people as the group begins to get more and more trapped in the herd.

So the question is: Who do you save?

(I'll post results later, this is just a bit of fun whilst waiting for Season 2 :)
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  • I sorry, but any scenario that involves Kenny and Lilly being friends would never happen.

    I would save Kenny because I am on his side, go team Kenny, and surprisingly Ben despite all that he has done.
  • Omid and Christa. Don't get me wrong, I love Lilly, Kenny, and Molly as characters, but I don't want any of them returning for season 2.
  • Kenny and Lilly wouldn't be friends, but I don't think they'd actively hate each other either. Since Kenny lost his family just like Lilly lost hers, I can kind of see them just understanding each other more, at most.

    I'd save Christa and Omid, like Zerius. Since Christa is pregnant, she's a no-brainer. I'd save Omid because, hey, Christa might decide to "opt out" if Omid didn't make it. If she DIDN'T become suicidal because of losing Omid, I'd save Molly. She can fight better than anyone else we've met, so I would save her just so she could protect Christa.
  • I should note, Kenny and Lilly are not friends- They just forgave each other for the things they've done that doesn't make them pals, I presume it makes them neutral.
  • That makes more since, but do only the people I pick survive or do others also live?
  • Well... oh well, in other words:
    If Kenny, Lilly, Ben, Omid, Christa, Vernon and Molly were to be alive, and I could only save 2 of them, who would I pick?
    There're 4 people in there I'd hate to see dying... so well, I'd take Kenny, because he has experience, and not just little, he made it out of situations others wouldn't have, and then Christa, because she is pregnant. That would set the group hard up, because taking care of a baby in addition to gathering supplies, finding shelter, fending off walker hordes, would only make things worse (Special treatment, fulltime supervision perhaps, noise, etc.). Then again, I can't leave a baby, not even an unborn to die, even if it means loosing Omid and Ben, that's what it takes I guess. Kids should be a priority in the apocalypse, as presuming they'd live their full life, they'd ensure the survival of mankind for longer than adults, who at worst have half their life lived already, and thus won't live that long any more.
  • Only the people you pick survive.
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