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  • Ang Lee's Hulk isn't just a good film, it's a great film. Darth Marsden is wrong.

    And the final battle is BEAUTIFUL.


    This is what a Thor movie should have had. It should have been METAL LIKE THIS.

    And the theme is badass.

    And Jennifer Connely is a fine actress with an impressive pedigree, having worked with two of my favorite directors in two of my favorite films:

    Sergio Leone's Once Upon A Time in America
    Dario Argento's Phenomena

    And Sam Elliot as Thunderbolt Ross....could it get any better. No it couldn't; screw off. (Well, it needed some Ruffalo...)
  • I fell asleep around the point where Banner started talking about how he needed a bicycle helmet to "protect [his] very special brain".

    Maybe someday I'll give it another shot, but I just couldn't connect with any of the characters. They all seemed so... flat and made out of cardboard. It was putting in all the emotional repression and then forgetting to add in the internal monologues that make the comics interesting.

    Also, I would have preferred the death Banner's father had in the comics. Where Banner pushes him, and the dad slips, falls, hits his head on his wife's tombstone and dies. I like that version better because it's kind of a hollow end and, given that Banner is amazing at real-time physics, was actually murder that he played off as an accident.

    EDIT: Though, I will concede that if that movie had had Ruffalo in it, I probably would have even liked the awfulest bits of dialogue because he would have made it sound better.
  • Not to mention the ending boiled down to Hulk fighting a rain cloud. I think I laughed out loud in the theater.
  • Also, I am super excited for the SHIELD show. It gives me hope that maybe they are headed for the Civil War storyline and will be introducing a lot of minor superheroes in the show who would make that more of a thing that could happen.

    This may be wishful thinking on my part.
  • DAISHI;794895 said:
    Not to mention the ending boiled down to Hulk fighting a rain cloud. I think I laughed out loud in the theater.
    ...Apparently I've managed to block out a good portion of the movie without realizing it. I guess that because I've only seen the whole thing once, at a drive-in, and have only seen pieces since 2003.
  • You know, thinking about it, if a raincloud pissed him off enough, Hulk would totally fight a raincloud.

    And win.
  • Secret Fawful;794870 said:
    Ang Lee's Hulk isn't just a good film, it's a great film. Darth Marsden is wrong.
    No, I'm really, really not. It's not just a bad superhero film, it's a bad film period.

    I get what Ang Lee was trying to do with this film, and it's actually quite interesting to see the attempt, but that doesn't make it a good film. The comic book frames are incredibly distracting, the plot is incredibly uneven, the actors are pretty but might as well be cardboard cutouts for all the emotion they show and that ending is full-on ridiculous.

    Let's put it this way - a film shouldn't be so dull you actually fall asleep while watching it. Which I did.

    EDIT: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. looks awesome. Can't wait.
  • You're complaining about ridiculous aspects in a Hulk movie. About the only thing I didn't like was the design on the Hulk dogs....but the scene itself was so good...that I got over it. The fight scenes are short, but brutal, with an uncompromising savagery. How many superhero flicks would DARE to have the Hulk rip dogs apart. The shots he takes all have brutal purpose. There's a shot to the nuts in the fight, but he doesn't make it for ignorant comic effect, he does it because HOLY SHIT HE PULVERIZES THE DOG WITH IT. Watching a dog's jaws widen as his jaw snaps is ridiculously brutal. It's very understated, but it's like coming across it in the wild. The CGI in Hulk is very good...to me....showing a lot of humanity. The scene where he sits on the car with Betty is ful of silent emotion. To call the film wooden is wrong. Repressed is what I would use. I think the movie has more emotion than a lot of superhero flicks. The film is honestly closer to the comics that I've read than anything else I've seen, and getting as close as it gets without being perfect, because it is flawed, is better than getting nowhere at all.
  • But that's the thing... Hulk doesn't really kill. Ever. Throw a dragon to the moon, yes. Leave every building a pile of smoking rubble, yes. But kill? Practically never. There's only a few instances where he does in the comics and they are always completely intentional... and most of them are when he's Banner. The two I can think of off the top of my head are his father and this former associate of his who tried to poison him.

    And the reason is that the Hulk is the "angry child" persona. It wants to throw things and have a tantrum and be loved, but there's really not a malicious bone in its body. That's more up the Grey Hulk's alley, but the Grey Hulk is kinda the "30s gangster" persona of the bunch. Banner, on the other hand, is capable of far more cruelty and damage than either of his alter egos. I mean, he puts an antidote just out of reach of a dying man, tortures Blonsky/Abomination with an endless loop of the last time the man saw his wife, and brings an army of monsters into New York just because he wants to see what will happen. To name a few. Of course, he's also capable of a broader range of emotions, but the comic kinda makes it clear that if Banner hadn't got turned into the Hulk, he probably would have ended up as a supervillain because he has that sort of mentality.

    Having said that, Guru and I have agreed to watch the movie again (or completely for the first time, in my case), so I guess you've won a small victory there.
  • Bring caffeine. LOTS OF IT.

    Or alternatively, make it a drinking game. Every time there's no real emotion in a line when there clearly should be, take a shot. You'll be gone before the first half an hour.

    No, better - take a drink every time there's a comic panel in shot. Good luck getting out of the opening!
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