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Okay, I won't. I won't...

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About additional advice for Clementine, and secret "Clementine will remember this" inscription:
In jewelry shop, when Clementine helps Lee to move:
Clementine: I'll help you.
*Lee makes few steps and fall*
Clementine: I got you. You can lean on me if you have to.
Lee: I'm okay, I'm okay...
Clementine: I thought I was helping by bringing you in here.
Then we have three variants of answers:
1. You couldn't have known.
2. You did. It's awful out there.
3. Never let yourself get trapped.
If you choose 1 and 2, then dialog will over, and they will moving on. But I choose answer 3 and got this:
Lee: You're just learnin' , hon. Never let yourself get trapped, okay?
Inscription: "Clementine will remember this"
Clementine: I won't.
Lee: We'll get out of here and just don't do it again.
Clementine: Okay, I won't. I won't. Keep going, we're almost there.
I think it was secret advice, because 1 and 2 answers do nothing. And I believe that this will have consequences in the future.
But it could also be bad, i afraid that one day if new PC will be trapped, Clem will just leave him in trouble (as like Kenny in ep 2, If you didn't help him to kill Larry)

Got any thoughts about all of this?
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  • Well I chose that one on two of my playthroughs, and I have little thoughts. I doubt something bad will come of it, only good. She'll just be more careful for herself and others. That piece of advice means nothing about leaving others if THEY get trapped.
  • Huh that is interesting. I chose #3 as well, and it'll be cool to see if they use it in future installments.
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