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Is it just me who took an automatic dislike to Duck?

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I felt kind of bad that I could dislike a poor defensless little kid and not have a reason to back it up. I even kind of felt slightly ok that he turned into a walker and got shot in the head by his dad. I finished the game and watched Toy Story with my niece the day after.

I now know why I hated Duck so much. He is literally the identical twin of that evil shit that is known to all of us as Sid.
Did anyone else feel this way towards him or was it just my crazy deluded brain?
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  • A ton of people, including myself, were not fond of Duck to begin with. Although, it seems popular opinion was somewhat swayed after Episode 3 came out. I'm not the only one who started to like Duck more after the whole detective thing.
  • Duck was the opposite from Clementine & also the scene at Hershel's farm did alot for nearly all of us to not like him (& Kenny).
  • My hatred towards Duck was automatic as well, as I hate kids. Clem, though, is an exception. :)
  • I didn't like him much at all either. I didn't let that influence any of my decisions(i chose to save Shawn for different reasons), though.
  • My brother said he really hated Duck and Kenny for some reason. I thought that was cruel; he's just a little boy. I didn't mind him, but looked after him since he was a kid. But when he revealed that he liked Batman and Robin, he kind of reminded me of me as a kid, and I took a real shine to him after that.
  • I never hated him, I liked him from the beginning but I thought he was amazing in Episode 3, which makes me think Telltale did that so we would like him, so his death would be that much sadder which worked on me.
  • I disliked that he was sort of responsible for Shaun's death (parked the tractor on his leg then just stared like a moron), but I wasn't happy about shooting him in episode 3. The detective thing did make me smile.
    I now know why I hated Duck so much. He is literally the identical twin of that evil shit that is known to all of us as Sid.
    I never noticed before! XD
  • I can't hate Duck; he's Robin.
  • Duck does...did...look like Sid haha I loved Duck my self, as soon as I saw him I thought no matter what I'm going to keep these two kids alive...I failed my original mission
  • That was one of many original missions I failed along with keep Kenny's family alive, keep Carley alive, and save Lee, but hay at least Clementine is still alive.
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