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  • Quick update, R&C QForce Vita out and I think Gladiator HD is out in USA but not I the UK yet for whatever reason :/. my opinions of R&C QForce, well first the games feels a bit laggy when playing it and feels a little slow which is a big downfall since PSASBR and Sly are bigger games and have no slowdown. Second graphics don't Impress me much. They are not bad but not exactly great. Lastly i feel they left out the best multiplayer mode for whatever reason. They left out 2v2 which is a huge shame since I enjoy co-op a lot.
  • ryannumber1gamer;796631 said:
    Quick update, R&C QForce Vita out and I think Deadlocked HD is out in USA
    I'm sure everybody knows... but still.
  • I'm still trying to get all skill points on Ratchet & Clank 1 and i'm on a very annoying one where you have to destroy all street lights on Planet Oltanis. Its not so bad when over half the lights are at the start until you find out you have to do this without dying once and 6 lights are at the path to a gold bolt after you meet ''Steve McQwark''
  • Better than me. I actually managed to get stuck. Autosaved with no ammo at a point where I have to run through a straight corridor full of enemies and there's nothing to pick up and no going back. Not impossible. It's just one of those things where you get so pissed off trying, you have to put the game down for a long time. I'll eventually do it. I've gotten that similar ToD skill point many times over.

    Bad bad place for a save point though.
  • I managed to get it about 5 mins ago. Heh know whats worse? A little while ago i was in the mood to finish my ToD challenge mode save. I was on the planet before Fastoon i think and i had gotten to i think the planet after you find Qwark in the arena and i had most of the weapons fully leveled up and upgraded. The game froze on the loading screen and i got the damn infinite load glitch where the game keeps autosaving, the loading screen stays on screen and just keeps flying into the 3 different places and i was forced to turn the PS3 off. I went and found my data corrupted. Luckily i have PS Plus which had a backup save in the cloud save. so i downloaded the backup save only to find out the hard way, the backup i had was the one i had started off with basically erasing all my hard work that night :(
  • I found Gladiator/Deadlocked to be rather dry and repetitive. Not bad, mind, just... not as good as R&C3.
  • I enjoyed it because its focus is on the gladiator matches in almost every main series Ratchet & Clank game. Also the comedy was good with the two Vox newspeople who keep making crappy attempts at slandering Ratchet. On another note this in my opinion is the best song in the entire game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsXRWwkjorA
  • hmm anybody exited about the R&C movie coming up i just found out the the genreal chat had a ratchet and clank thread

    Why was i not informed about this :eek:
  • I think it will be pretty good. I'd still rather have a new game that's not tower defence, but that looks highly unlikely for the current console since they've already started on the PS4 instalment.
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