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PS3 Stuttering / momentary freezing

posted by Alhon on - last edited - Viewed by 10K users
Just picked up PN2 for the PS3, and I'm getting a LOT of slowdown and stuttering in the game that's making it really unpleasant to play. Also, during an auto-save, It froze my system for the duration of the save process, causing an audio scratch while it was happening. Is there some way to alleviate this?
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  • I'm done buying anything TT related. I hate to be 'that guy' but this has seriously just pushed me off the edge. They're not doing anything or offering refunds and not even something simple such as a apology, nothing.

    Like the person before I don't just complain about games in my free time for the fun of it. If I wanted to do that I'd go to the EA forums (zing!).

    But no seriously, I'm pretty content with glitches and bugs if they're not game breaking or don't constantly interfere in gameplay. What we have here is BROKEN and we deserve a patch and a apology and since it's been two weeks that's not asking a lot.
  • Komentra;794346 said:
    What we have here is BROKEN and we deserve a patch and a apology and since it's been two weeks that's not asking a lot.
    I completely agree.
  • I just wanted to post a +1 to the skipping issues on PS3. I don't know what is worse having a character set up a hilarious joke only to have the punchline never delivered or hearing the background music get stuck like a record when it is auto saving.
    I have pretty much all TT games on PS3 and I WANT to love this product as well, but this is a pretty bad and apparently widespread PS3 problem.
  • I played last night and at times when it froze I looked at the disk activity light on my PS3 and it wasn't flashing at all. It wasn't saving or loading, it was just sitting there for 10 seconds doing nothing.

    Also there was one point during dialog where the video froze, but the audio kept going. Eventually the video unfroze and the video and audio were out of sync until the dialog ended.

    Finally when I went to quit, the PS3 froze while quitting and did it's 3 beep reset.

    The game really is coded poorly. I was watching the credits and saw all the QA people listed. They should all be fired.


    Oddly after I got eliminated, I decided to watch the remaining 4 guys play. There was no lagging, freezing or stuttering at all at that point.
  • i get the freezes too. also my boarderlands stuff doent show in shift codes. pretty much bought it just for that too
  • I completely locked up last night after playing for a while. Well the game locked up, the PS3 didn't as I could quit from the PS3 screen, but the PS3 couldn't quit the game and I got 3 beeps.

    What's worse is that apparently, even though the game saves after every hand, it's not saving the tournament state as when I launched the game again after this the only option I had was to start a new tournament, despite being several hands into the tournament.
  • I just bought this game for nearly £8.00 on the PSN. I am livid.

    My game is also freezing and glitching, I was just in a show down with claptrap (just the two of us left) and I was doing pretty well and starting to enjoy it when it completely freezes up and I have to hard reset my PS3.

    You are selling a product that does not function correctly. I am expecting a refund on this, I have sent you a message via twitter and facebook. I have never been so angry about a game purchase. This problem is wide spread and there have been no official updates apart from the chap above going...

    "Oh yeah guys - thats an issue, why don't you try and wait a bit before playing the game" not even a... "We are working on this everyone and will have a patch out shortly"

    I expect my refund because I work hard for my money and you have just sold me a product that does not work as advertised. You can contact me via email. I expect to hear from telltale soon or expect a patch within the coming week.
  • okay.... WTF TTG....... if the walking dead was messing up this bad an you fixed it the same day..... then you should fix this game the same day!!!!!! or you can do the right thing and refund all the psn members who post on here about this problem! I played it on my brothers xbox with no issues..... so if xbox can do so should we! fix it or refund!
  • My boyfriend used to be a QA Tester at THQ. I used to always blame testers for not catching major bugs, but he told me something about how the process of submitting patches works. Sometimes fixing minor bugs could cause other things to fail, so they generally don't worry about them. But the biggest reason that companies tend to not fix bugs is the cost. I can't quite remember the figures, but I think he said Microsoft charges $20,000 and Sony charges $10,000 per patch. This is why companies choose not to fix things at times.

  • I just bought this on my ps3 and it is still lagging and everything else mentioned. I love this game, I played it on the computer first and never had any issues. The person who let me use their steam account moved so i don't play it on the computer anymore, but when i saw that it was available on the ps3 i was excited until i started playing and the lagging started. please fix this bug but seeing as this has been a problem for over a year i don't see that happening, would there be any way i can get it on the pc for free since playing it on the ps3 is nothing but a joke? I'm not the kind of person to really complain but when i have to pay for something and there's a problem i would like to know that someone is gonna fix it or do something to keep me interested so i might consider buying again. Like i said i do love this game and would love to play it but with the lagging and other issues for the ps3 it makes it miserable playing the game.

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