Jurassic park: Need a new direction

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Ok walking dead and back to the future work really well with the point and click adventure style but unfortunately Jurassic park did not
I believe that in order to bring Jp back into the spot light the next Jurassic park game is going to have to be really good
Perhaps the best way to do this is remake the older Jp games
Jurassic park : Operation genesis was one of my favorite ps2 games and is still fun today despite being over 10 years old
Now what if we improve the game with the stunning graphics of the present double the number of Dino's new missions and modes and all kinds of stuff
Genesis is listed and regarded as the best Jp game a definite classic
And with the list of games dropping and being posted on eBay and amazon for $800 I think a remake is in order
Seriously who does not want to make there own successful Jurassic park
(well Disney kinda did but) this amazing game is as of right now in the hands of modders who are releasing all kinds of expansions
I think telltales should work with these modders to develope this new sequel of genesis


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    I agree, Telltale you should remake the snes game of jurassic park and make it 3D! With first person and third person views! You could change the storyline and make it even better! PLEASE do this!!! Good idea Delta6
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    Jurassic#2 wrote: »
    I agree, Telltale you should remake the snes game of jurassic park and make it 3D! With first person and third person views! You could change the storyline and make it even better! PLEASE do this!!! Good idea Delta6

    Did I say first person 3rd person snes game
    Pay the hell attention and read the thread
    Genesis the the best Jp game and there's like no more left in stock
    Do the math a remake of a great game that is all but impossible to find do the fact that theres no more exepct ebay is in order
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    I have the highest respect for TellTale's Jurassic Park game. Although very glitchy, it had a good story, good characters, and cool situations. A bit heavy of the QTE's and lacking in good puzzles but overall I still consider it to be a great addition to the Jurassic Park series.

    That being said I think any future Jurassic Park games would be better in the hands of another company. Telltale may have the story part of it down, the gameplay wasn't really well suited for a Jurassic Park game. I would personally prefer something more along the lines of Trespasser. Another Jurassic Park game that was poorly received yet had a lot of potential.

    My dream Jurassic Park game plays like Far Cry. A large open world, first person shooter. However, limited the use of guns to give it more of a survivor horror feel. Don't want to make it too easy by giving you crazy amount of ammo. Have the ammo left behind by Ingen so there's not much left. You have to use survivor skills to make it though the island. You'll have to eat, sleep, make a shelter. The goal of the game is to try and find a way off the island. There's many way to do that, so that leaves it open to more than one ending.

    So in other words, A mix of Far Cry, Lost in Blue, and Jurassic Park.

    The dinosaur AI has to be good to. The Raptors will actually try to flank you like in the movie. One will be in front of you but attack comes from the side. The T-Rex had bad eye sight like in the movie. you can actually stand still and throw a flair and he'll run after than giving you a chance to get away.
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    i don't care what you said DELTA, don't be a jerk, I was adding my views to the problem. What is with you anyway Delta6! Your so aggressive, I can see by your tag that you have been banned anyway, I can SEE why.
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    The one things most people overlook in operation genesis is the story
    The idea is that that idiot in the first one
    wasn't hired and therefore the park never went to shit
    Grant promoted it
    Jurrasic park was a success
    I believe Jp should go back to a "what if" scenario like this
    Maybe even a remake
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  • I agree with the remake idea. Ive tried asking people to get a kickstarter going for it just like they did for leisure suit larry. But no luck. The remake should include a storyline with jp 2 chaos continues. Has anyone heard anything about a remake in the works . has anyone even pitched the idea ?

  • A combined storyline i meant

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    i personally disagreed with telltale for doing a walking dead game . when theres lots of other games that deserve video game treatment

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    Jurassic Park had a great story and characters, yet everything else was a mess. The QTE moments were poorly made and that caused me to rage at this game more times than I can count. I'm normally really good when it comes to QTE moments, yet these were just badly made and caused me to die many times. Even then I still loved this game and the locations were great. The story and characters were some of the best that TT has ever wrote. I'd love to see a Jurassic World Tell Tale game in all honesty.

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