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Batman General Discussion Thread

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With Batman Arkham City coming out yesterday (uk) and the 18th of October (usa) and with me finishing it yesterday i throught it would be cool to open a batman thread so go ahead and say anything you want about batman you can talk about the games comics movies anything batman you can even make reviews of it ill start

Review of Batman Arkham Asylum

Story - The Joker breaks out of arkham and lets Batman capture him and bring him back but as Batman thinks it was too easy and thinks Joker is up to something he is proven Right as Joker takes control of arkham and kills many guards unleashes all of the inmates with the help of Harley Quinn and the inmates being killer choc Scarecrow and more of the villians from batmans past and with the pain of the riddler who makes batman solve all his riddles..its gonna be one big night for the dark knight

Gameplay - just belive me this is one of the best comic book games and it feels like you really are the dark knight as you fight,do puzzles and solve riddles it is really good gameplay

Overall - it is one of the best batman games if not one of the best comic book games made and if you can i would say ether get it along with the sequel Arkham City or if you can find it just get it so Batman Arkham Asylum gets a 9.0
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  • I personally would rather of had The Batman continue rather than Brave & The Bold. It was OK and it had its moments but i just thought Brave & The Bold was too cartoony and i get it, its meant to bring tribute to the 60's comics and Dark Knight but personally i just thought it was way way too cartoony. It had its moments and great episodes like the one where Batman goes undercover as Matches but loses his identity leaving the Birds of Pray to stopping him from taking over the city (Plus the birds of pray song was pretty) I also liked the one where Starro takes over all the heroes leaving Batman and some others as the only ones on Earth uncontrolled. Also the Batman & Owlman double episode was another good one. I enjoyed the last episode as well where Bat Mite tries to cancel the show. Before anyone asks, no i have not seen Chill of the Night :/.

    Also another reason i wish The Batman would have gone on would be i would love to see the Batman Vs Hush movie they was pitched :(

    Story about The Batman Vs Hush:
  • That's why Brave and the Bold isn't part of the old continuity. Thankfully.
  • Haven't seen a single episode, but I already know the best part about Brave & the Bold. It has freaking SPACE GHOST in one episode.
  • I was thinking, they made movies out of Batman Year One and TDKR so does this mean TDKSA and All star Batman is next?....Ugh....

    In all seriousness what does everyone hope is made into a movie? I personally hope for Batman:Hush, Knightfall (Never read it but it would be great to see), Killing Joke, and maybe the Batman & Robin saga of Batman & Robin must die!
  • Batgirl: Year One. Babs deserves the spotlight for a bit, IMO.
  • Maybe Batman The return of Bruce Wayne saga would be good?
  • Killing Joke would be really short unless they pad it out with crap.
  • Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth (psychological horror mixed with Batman? YES.)


    Black and White (it would probably form something like a Sin City knock off)

    Nine Lives

  • Thrillkiller's so GOOD. SO GOOD. On another note, I wouldn't want to see Arkham Asylum unless it was rotoscoped and then airbrushed over.
  • An Arkham Asylum movie could be made into typical Batman movie yet also have some incredibly disturbing imagery.

    As for Thrillkiller, I’d like to see how they could pull off Joker being a woman.

    It would probably turn out like this.

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