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Rate The Last Movie(s) You Watched

posted by Secret Fawful on - last edited - Viewed by 34.4K users
Same as the Rate the Last Game You Finished topic but with movies. There should be more film talk around here. So, I'll start off with the movies I've seen in the past few days.

Law-Abiding Citizen - 5.5/11

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - 7/11

Sword of the Stranger - 9/11

Blade Runner: Final Cut - 11/11

Blade Runner is one of those films I want to love but also want to hate.
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  • Shadowknight1;797329 said:
    Cumberbatch played an excellent villain. That voice.:eek:
    But then again, we all knew that this movie’s villain would be Khan.

  • As I said before, Trek fans don't know what the heck they want. They complain because JJ's Trek isn't scientific enough, when with the Prime universe, they complained about too much treknobabble. Oh, and nevermind rampant inconsistencies like Klingons only having pink blood in ST6, or how Khan knows Chekov's face in ST2 despite that Chekov wasn't on the show yet when Space Seed aired.
  • To be honest, I think Star Wars is kinda overrated.
  • Noname215;797451 said:
    To be honest, I think Star Wars is kinda overrated.
    It is.
  • The SEs and the prequels, yes. The original Original Trilogy, no.
  • Chyron8472;797453 said:
    The SEs and the prequels, yes. The original Original Trilogy, no.
    Yes. Also, I never liked the original Star Trek series. Too much hesitation in the voice. Also, I think Next Generation was pretty lame, too.
  • Django Unchained 9/10

    This movie had to grow on me. Now, I think it’s pretty damn good.
    Secret Fawful;760461 said:
    The violence had nothing but thought behind it. I'm not just going to let this SLIDE. Oh no. I like you, but I wouldn't let this slide from anybody. You decided to come in here and start mouthing off without having a CLUE what you're talking about, and you have made yourself my bitch now.
  • The Hangover Part III 6/10

    The movie was more of a crime flick with some comedic elements than a comedy, but the post-credits scene is freaking hilarious.
  • Thor and Captain America get a solid 8/10 from me.
    Good films to watch.

    Looking forward to watching Avengers Assemble and finally catch up for Iron Man 3's eventual bluray release
  • Caught Star Trek: Into Darkness again last night. Initial score (8.10, I think) still stands.
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