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Who would you rather want as your sidekick: Clementine or Carl?

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In the case of you being alone with one of them in the Walking Dead world.

I know and agree that Clementine is God's gift to earth, but Carl has been pretty badass in the show as of lately, so he would be more of a survival help than Clementine.
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  • Carl. He can run trough dark tunnels, kill walkers and save a group getting attacked by walkers without fear.
  • Clem. She only sorta started misbehaving and running off on her own near the end, and after episode 5, I'm inclined to think she probably won't be doing that anymore. Carl runs off willy-nilly to do his own thing too often in the show.

    His comic variation would be even worse, since he only has one eye. Realistically, the kid wouldn't be worth a damn in a fight, no depth perception. Even worse, he fires weapons right-handed, yet he's now left-eye dominant - it's a basic marksmanship screwup (literally, it's one of the first things you learn in basic), you need to shoot with whichever hand is on the same side as your dominant eye. :p
  • I'd have to go with Clem. I haven't read the comics, nor have I seen much of season 3 of the TV show, but Carl irritated me. Yes, Clem misbehaves as well and disobeys orders because she wants to be with someone. Carl in season 2 of the show was also quite snotty. Never felt that way about Clem. Heck, even Duck would be better than Carl.
  • I don't know if I'd care to have Carl as a sidekick, although he's getting better in S3. I haven't read all of the comics yet so it's easier to feel closer to Clem I suppose.

    If you have Carl, you could rely on him to do more things than Clem would but I wouldn't feel the same drive to protect him and be safe then I suppose. Both know how to shoot a gun, and make good survival decisions. Clem is great, she's sweet, a fast learner, has a good heart, and is the cute little girl we all just want to protect to death. So definitely her.
  • Carl can handle a gun pretty well, but he's a little crazy, so I'll go with Clem.
  • Carl has my vote don't get me wrong I love Clem to death but Carl from the comics man he is somebody I'd want to go with
  • It's a hard choice... but I'd go with Clementine.

    Both are equally reckless, I think. But she's more loyal when times comes.

    She was able to [SPOILER]drag Lee's unconscious body out of a herd of walkers by herself[/SPOILER]. Carl would just leave you there in order to survive.

    Also, in the game it's been 3 months since the outbreak, while in the TV series it started 18 months ago. And Clem already was able to defend herself against a walker in those 3 given a good circunstance.

    She defended [SPOILER]Molly[/SPOILER] better than Lee (depending on the player's decisions) in EP4 and even [SPOILER]killed the Stranger (depending on the player's decisions)[/SPOILER], using a gun she had ben roughly taught to use in 20 minutes while in a moving train.

    I think she's got potential.
  • Clementine, because every version of Carl I've seen has nothing but pyschotic killer written all over him. (Plus Im prety sure I can take Clem, if worse comes to worse- Carl would most likely kill me in my sleep once he knew where all the ammo and food were stored)
  • Clementine because she is awesome enough said.
  • Duck; he's the Robin to my Batman.
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