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Who did you feed?

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I'm not sure if someone has posted this before but in episode 2 I gave food to Clem (of course who wouldn't), Duck because he is a child and needs to keep his strength up, Kenny because I have his back and he has mine and Ben believe it or not, because I felt sorry for him because his friend died and probably most of his group and he lost his camp. I didn't feed Larry because the man punched me in the last episode and left me for the walkers, I didn't feed Lily because I didn't like her at the time, I tried to give Carley food but she refused, I didn't feed Mark and I have no reason, I have no reason to not feed Katjaa and I didn't save food for myself because I didn't want to be greedy. So I was wondering who you fed and why and who you didn't feed and why.
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  • Rock114;797902 said:
    I think, in one of the Playing Dead videos, it had the stats of who got fed in the group. Clementine won, of course, but apparently 3% of people actually didn't give her food. I'm pretty sure Duck was next.
    I saw that too in fact I have the stats right here: 96% gave Clem food, 95% gave Duck food, 58% gave Mark food, 42% gave Larry food, 33% gave Kenny food, 29% gave Lilly food, 19% gave Ben food, 15% gave Carley food, 11% kept food for them self and 3% gave food to Doug. Poor Doug.
  • I fed Clementine, Duck, Kenny, and Larry. Tried to keep as neutral as possible.
  • TeamKennyAlways;797925 said:
    Thanks for replying everyone, your choices are interesting and I was surprised that Rock114 chose the exact same thing as me. I look forward to reading more posts.
    Well, don't actually be so surprised. I'm Team Kenny to the end.
  • RichWalk23;797930 said:
    I fed Clementine, Duck, Kenny, and Larry. Tried to keep as neutral as possible.
    Exactly the same here, reasons and all. I tried to feed Carley but already used the apple.
  • yay go team Kenny, better then any other use of team in any media especially Twilight.
  • Rock114;798096 said:
    Well, don't actually be so surprised. I'm Team Kenny to the end.
    Go team Kenny! Anyway I was surprised because Ben seemed like an unpopular choice because he was new and most of the group didn't trust him so I thought that not many people would have given him food. Turns out I was wrong.
  • always the kids ,so Clem first always,then Duck right away,these kids are depending on the adults to look after them and Lee can deal with moaning hungry group members,and it's not like a apple not given to someone will start ww3,so Kids come first!...then...i never pick Ben,i figure a 16-19 year old can look after himself like an adult lol so i usually either pick either Lily or Kenny depending on which playthrough im siding on,and i never feed Mark either,and keep the last piece of food for myself:D
  • The other day that I was playing it I gave the cheese and crackers to Clementine and Duck and I gave the beef jerky to Mark(or is it Marv?)and the half orange to Larry.Just in case he appreciates it.
  • I fed Clem , Duck , Mark and Kenny

    The kids because of obvious reasons their KIDS

    Kenny cause Team Kenny till the End

    Mark cause i tought he was a cool guy
  • I fed Lilly, Carley, Clem & Duck. :D
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