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Uhm. It's a poker game. So why doesn't it know I have a full house?

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I don't know if anyone else is seeing this issue, but... I have yet to have Poker Night 2 properly recognize that I have a full house. Instead, it always is incorrectly identified as 2 pair, regardless if I'm holding 3 of a kind, plus a card that matches one in the flop, a pair in hand, a third in the flop plus a pair in the flop. Everywhere I've played poker... that's a full house. Score it. I haven't been given credit for a single full house, while I've seen the bot players HAVE won with them. I've lost several tournaments I should have won because of this. While I enjoy the idea of the game, and the characters are part of the ambiance, it is, after all, a poker game. Fix what's wrong so that it can be... POKER. A full house is BETTER than 2 pair. A poker game should first and foremost get the fundamental rules correct in POKER. This game costs too much to be a simple character interaction game.
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