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Anyone think lee should have suvived?

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I love the fact that the game is in line with the comic, i was hoping lee could be my very own Rick Grimes and i could mould him into my own character and would last for many many episodes. =[
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  • It is pretty rare for me to find a game were I have very few complaints, this one of two that I know of, the save game glitch may have been evil but it did not make me like it less.
  • Hmmm... I have an open mind about that question. Of course it made a great ending, but it leaves Telltale in a kind of a jam there, either they come up with a good way to continue Clementines story, or they have to make the game with out her.
    The problem about the first option is self-explanatory, we on the forums here tried to figure out such ways, and some of them weren't bad actually, perhaps you could even call some of them good, yet if there is another protagonist, which is the logical consequence of Lee dying, the player feels a certain attachment to Clem, while the character doesn't, and neither does Clem feel anything for the protagonist. The interaction between her and the player is a problem to be solved.

    Then the second option is to discontinue her story. Fine, that'd be the easy way out, but it'd have consequences as well. Not only are there many people who would go start a riot, but there's also the fact, that she is - whether one likes her or not, he has to admit - a great designed, and very well-written character, discard her from the cast would just be a huge waste. While it is interesting to start a new story, continuing the existing one will draw the player right into the game, a new story though, would have to build up everything from scratch.
  • Yeah, i think he should survived... It would make great story plot.
  • if they let him survive the bite/scratch, it would have thrown all ZA rules out the window.
    Then if Lee can survive it, why cant <another character? Ep5 was the shortest episode I ever played as I saw Lee's death at the end of Ep4-just enough to finish the story, totally bummed me out
  • yes because of the possibilities,much like the tv show with Rick(over seasons) i would of enjoyed seeing him 'Father' Clem,in the countryside ,both of them learning more about each other.
  • I wanted him to live, but then again I never want my favorites to die and then the game would not have been as good.
  • They had to kill one of them off and they decided Clementine being left alone made a more dramatic cliffhanger. Lee's character had gone through a journey of redemption for his actions in the old world and ultimately layed down his final sacrafice of his life for a 9 year old kid. If Clementine died Lee would have failed. It just had to be, it was far more emotional and a better ending than the other way round. Lee walking into the countryside we just think he will be ok or he is going to kill himself. Clementine leaves a lot of questions, what now? Who is going to look out for her? Wheres Omid and Christa?
  • i personally think it would have been really cool if he had survived... Rick can survive multiple seasons with his son carl, so why cant lee survive a good few seasons with clem? then again, this IS the walking dead, not always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :/
  • I guess if they reversed it with Clem dying it could have worked, but I prefer it the way it is.
  • I had a feeling he was going to die all along. It seemed like the only way to tie the story and all the loose ends.
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