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Larry's hatred for Lee justified ?

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Larry hates Lee because he is a murderer and wanted to protect his daughter but is his hatred for him justified ?
Larry always blames Lee for everything , he punches him even though he saved his life and wants him out of the group and does Larry even know what crime Lee comitted ?
Yes he is a murderer but if he was a real psychopath then i can understand where he is coming from but he is not only mean to Lee but to everybody who isn't Lilly and Clementine . He wanted to kill a child because he thought he was bitten , he treats everybody like dirt and he is always mean .
So is his hatred for Lee justified or not ?
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  • Outright hatred is unjustified, but I wouldn't trust Lee either in Larry's place. I wouldn't try to kill him, Larry did because he's a dick, but Larry was right to at least not trust Lee.
  • Its just the 'way' Larry found out that I dont like (ie-insert 'Lee is a killer' into Larry's memories from TTG).
    If they gave us the opportunity to outright lie to Larry and then, maybe your're cleaning up and the newspaper article about your conviction slips out of your backpocket- then I could see this level 10 hate and distrust come from Larry that cant be reversed.
  • i don't like to say 'yes' but i think Larry's hate is justified,he grew up with different emotions,different family,an old mentality of how he sees the world,and is viewing Lee with a differing perspective than most of the group.
  • I pulled the race card on Larry (for the lulz, why not- it was my 2nd playthrough)- he seemed a little taken back, but I dont remember him denying it either
  • He seemed surprised but he did not deny it, he just did not care but I do not think he was racist, just a asshole give or take.
  • ya same, in fact his surprise almost seemed a little hurt- so I felt kinda bad, ha,
  • I don't think he was racist. A grade A asshole, most definitely, but not a racist.
  • Lee risked his life to get the pharmacy keys and medicine for him, and he's obviously Clem's guardian. Larry didn't think twice about knocking him down for the walkers to eat, totally unjustified. Obviously he should have kept an eye on Lee, told his daughter. But trying to kill Lee makes Larry a murderer too as well as a douche.
  • Larry was absolutely right in being at least a little suspicious of Lee. Nice guy or not, Lee committed murder and he had a little girl to look after.

    Knocking Lee down for the walkers? Absolutely unjustified.
  • double post, sorry
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