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DLC before season 2

posted by T800kaz on - last edited - Viewed by 3K users
I'm happy that we are getting somthing before S2 but any ideas what it might be?

Personally I want a dlc pack that allows you to have even more outcomes to the story and characters like being able to save Carley so that she can be in the other episodes or save duck and hopefully an alternate ending where Lee doesn't die and an option for someone else to get bitten.

What ever the dlc will be I'm sure it will be somthing worth while before season 2 :)
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  • Robert Morgan;797520 said:
    Exactly. Ben "feels" finished to me. Kenny doesn't, which is why I'd be overjoyed to see him as the PC for season 2 - although I can understand why others would feel Kenny's done.
    kenny is dead
  • Milosuperspesh;797750 said:
    dave said only in flashbacks which may mean we have some 'extra' lee n clem scenes ?

    'wishfull and hopefull'

    and harmon is in twau !
    we need alot of flashbacks of kenny, lee and clem together
  • CarScar;797674 said:
    Well if the voice actor is good enough we might not even tell that it's the same guy who did Ben.

    It came as a big surprise to me that the lady who voiced Katjaa also voiced Brie and Jolene.
    Interesting, never caught that.

    Some voice actors/actresses have incredible range, so I'll be amused if Hoffman ends up playing someone completely different from Ben.
    Bioshock Infinite WD;797813 said:
    thanks I thought I was missing something, I really do not think he would get the job from that resume.
    Why not? If I hated the character it was because of what the writers built him up to be, not because of the voice work behind him.
  • I'd love for the DLC to be us playing as Clem right from where the season ended. We'd get to see (and experience!) how she escaped Savannah and how she made her way to the country.
  • heck look at 'clems' voice actress..

    a grown ass woman 'owns' a 9 year old girls voice, to apoint where people probably thought ttg DID use a 9 year old / younger /slightly older/ girl.
  • Probably, I was sure they got a 8 year old voicing, I was very surprised when I found out, it's just that good.
  • mrkareemruiz;798024 said:
    kenny is dead
    Then why did Telltale leave both of his "death scenes" on such an ambiguous note?
  • Robert Morgan;798524 said:
    Then why did Telltale leave both of his "death scenes" on such an ambiguous note?
    there's your answer...

    also since some people like to hack a game to find allsorts of info out... i guess it was removed from the game to keep people guessing, or cos kenny is actually alive but 'harmon' is sworn to secrecy about his fate.
  • Finished the game last year. Wow...just wow.

    I'm worried for Clementine now. Also, are Christa and Omid still alive and did they find Clem?

    The wait for Season 2 with me is unendurable. But this DLC news gives me hope. Maybe it can answer some burning questions we all wish to know.

    Lee may be gone, but its Clementine's story now. Let's try and make it a good one.
  • Maybe the DLC would tell us if Kenny made it, though on the other hand they could put him in as a walker, which would depress the hell out of me to kill my best friend, there are just so many ways they could take it and I am sure one of the idea's in this thread is the one they will use.
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