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F*** Kenny

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I told myself that I wouldn't do another playthrough until all episodes were out but after ep 2 I have decided to do another run with the sole purpose of treating Kenny like the piece of shit he is. It may not be my canonical playthrough but he has to pay for his cowardice somehow
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  • If it was not debatable then this thread would not be 66 pages long, only 600 pages to go.
  • lol , my god I remember this thread from last year when the game launched- I guess that shows the power of good character creation that we're still at war over him even after he went MIA (most likely KIA)
  • It's probably the most annoying thing in the game,the fact that you either have to help him kill Larry or try to save Larry and have Kenny nag at you and run away for the rest of the game.
  • I wish they did not write it that if you dont kill Larry he hates you. I did everything, stick up for Duck, save him from the tractor and gave him food BUT apparently 'I was never there for Duck' and have been a 'sh*** friend'. There have been plenty of times I aint... Kennys a dick after Ep 2.
  • I must be the only one who liked that. Perhaps they should have worded it differently(less "you were never there" and more "you were never there when it mattered most"), but i think having a character who can so easily turn on you because of one decision spices up the story a little.

    I know firsthand that there are people out there who will hold a grudge over one thing for years, and with Kenny i think it fits him to abandon you because of that, especially with the way he interprets it.

    I think it would be best if he didn't forget about all the times you did side with him, but still held contempt for you because of the meat-locker. Kind of like how he reacts if you kill Larry but then go against him. At the end of episode 4 he'll say something like "i know you think we may have been on the same page lately, but...", and it would have been nice if it worked the same way with opposite sides.

    Killing Larry should put you high on Kenny's friendship list, but you can still muck it up and lose his assistance. Likewise, trying to save Larry should drop you fairly low, but you can still be decent friends if you continue siding with him afterward. Neither would be able to reach the extremes of their side(Kenny's BFF/worst enemy), but there should be an in between.

    That would be's hoping for Season 2!
  • Since I'm a Kenny Supporter I should probably leave before I accidentally start a huge argument that goes on for days. But before I go I want to say that even though I like Kenny's character I understand what your saying Kenny either loves you in a bro sought of way or down right hates you presenting him as unlike able. Since I killed Larry and backed up Kenny all the time I have never seen his hatred towards me so I don't know what it's like. But I do think that Kenny was wrong when he jumped to conclusions and dropped the salt lick on Larry's head when Lee could have saved him. Anyway I'm out of here before I'm ganged up on by Lilly supporters like hungry walkers or something. Joking. I won't be back to argue or anything because I don't want to start an argument so I'm not some douche bag who puts random stuff and rubbish accuses because I agree with you it's just that me and Kenny are bros.
  • This not my thread as I am bro's with Kenny also, but I will say he was judgmental and was not always the nicest person, but hay at least he did not murder a good friend, he just possibly murdered a asshole .
  • Kiel555;796332 said:
    Well said! I couldn't agree more!:D

    I only have one playthrough of the game but came to same conclusion as you about Kenny.

    Thanks for creating my favorite thread too!
    My favourite thread too! Thanks :)
  • Kiel555;750604 said:
    There is a conversation that you can have with Lilly near the gazebo that sheds some light on why Larry is a jerk and hear how their family is dealing with this ZA.

    Larry's personality may be abrasive but what do you really know about him? What does he know about you other than what the media has told him? It's not like Lee was mistaken for a convicted murderer and treated unfairly. He is a convicted murderer. Getting punched in the face by a protective father could happen to a felon. Larry continuing to be suspicious of a felon despite Lee's best efforts to show he's a good guy also seems understandable.

    Kenny, on the other hand, pretends to be Lee's friend so long as Lee is an obedient lap dog. Step out of line and Lee risks Kenny's "friendship", Lee's place in the RV, on the boat, and Lee will have to play "the family card" to compel Kenny to help rescue a 9 year old girl from a maniac. Some friend.
    This.Thank you! :)

    I wouldn't invite Larry to my birthday party.I admit it.He is an unpleasant person.
    Kenny is an a**hole.
  • I don't understand. Everyone's saying Kenny turns on you for trying to save Larry. He didn't do that to me.
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