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  • Chyron8472;798257 said:
    I don't want a WiiU until a proper Zelda game comes out for it. Once I have one, I would also get at least one Mario game and any proper Metroid games (eg. akin to Prime, not Other M), but to gdt the console in the first place requires a Zelda game.

    Well... I say that, but I didn't get a DS despite it having Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks nor the upcoming) LTTP sequel, simply because I don't need a handheld; and I'm also not keen on having to stare at a tablet instead of watching my TV while playing. So I may still not.
    I love my handheld Zelda games, but I still don't have Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks. Don't feel like being frustrated because of the system or because of having to revisit the same place over and over and over and over, ad nauseum. The LTTP sequel intrigues me though. As for Zelda on the Wii U, we know it's coming. We also know Wind Waker HD is coming, though I want to see more than just screenshots AND I want more than just a graphical boost. I have faith in Nintendo, but not enough to plonk down the money for a Wii U, especially with no games for it. I haven't seen a game yet that screamed for me to buy it. There are a lot COMING. But Zelda, Mario, and Smash Bros. are still a ways away.
  • I don't know why people were so bothered by the hub dungeon in Phantom Hourglass. Going back and then using your newest item to skip over big chunks of the dungeon always made me feel awesome. It was a well designed experience.
  • It would be amazing if Sony went with complete no-DRM and just eviscerated Microsoft.
  • It would be, but then again the publishers could easily say "No DRM? Well, we'll just go be Microsoft exclusive" which could cause Sony to fail. It's a delicate situation and one that could end up going very badly indeed.

    Fingers crossed it doesn't.
  • Sony will NOT be forcing DRM on used games.

    It is up to developers on what they do, which is essentially what we have right now with online passes.
  • ...and Sony just won. They won hard.
  • That's it Sony. Win by doing nothing. Just like Luigi! :D
    (Still not getting a PS4 for aaaaggeeess yet! XD (gotta get that PC...))
  • So is it fair to guess Xbox One is basically going to fail at this point? At least this console generation. Wii U is good but its not exactly doing anything that has not been done before. Even with the gamepad, Remote Play has been done on PSP and Nintendo only made it better which Sony is doing again. Microsoft is picking the most greedy and stupid things for the Xbox One. ''Sorry but you have to pay near full price for that pre-owned game'' ''Sorry no internet? well then no playing Xbox for you (troll face)'' ''Kinect will be always be on because we know how much everyone loves the kinect!'' ''This console will have a lot of ways to play TV! Oh what it can play those things called games as well i suppose'' Sorry if i'm sounding really negative and rude here but its honestly just my thoughts. Sony is focusing on games, focusing on small developers who want to make games, and avoiding the greedy stupid choices made for the Xbox One. Oh and another small thing i thought of, Since you will be unable to buy pre-owned Xbox One games without giving them more money. That means you would have to buy the console,then 2 or so games to get started and then extra money for Xbox Live -_-. Again sorry if i sound a bit rude here but i had to give my thoughts on this.
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    ryannumber1gamer;798720 said:
    So is it fair to guess Xbox One is basically going to fail at this point?
    The Xbox One will not fail, unfortunately, although many former Xbox customers will make sure that anyone who buys this machine will feel ashamed. Microsoft is just on level one of their announcement strategy. The following levels will likely remedy much of the impact the first press conference had, while pre-orders are already quite, quite high. They'll have 15 new games to announce at E3, so we can assume they'll talk games again. That never fails. They'll possibly have a very agreeable retail price ready for announcement. They will likely take back a bit of what they 'unofficially' said about the used game market and then sell this as the great thing the customers have taught them, to whom they always listen.

    But all this just serves to let them pull through with all the other stuff, including online activation every 24 hours AND always online through simulated cloud gaming in single player, and, yes, possibly even higher prices for games.
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