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Does anyone think that this game will come anywhere near to The Walking Dead?

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I'd LOVE to see another game like The Walking Dead. I can safely say that this is the only game where I've felt emotionally responsible for a virtual character that doesn't even exist. Feeling like everything you say or do would influence that poor innocent little girl.

Now my question to you is :-

Do you think you will feel as emotionally involved with these charactes as much as you were to the likes of Clementine, Carley and Kenny?

Especially considering you grew up with the likes of Cinderella as a sweet innocent girl with a terrible Aunt and screwed up cousins. Instead now shes using her looks and figure to exploit information as a spy. You grew up with Prince Charming as a polite true gentleman. Now he's a womanising cheater.

I LOVE the idea but do you think it will put you through all the emotions you had as much as The Walking Dead did?

Just wanted to know all your opinions as Telltale has got me excited for every game they release after playing such a tremendous game!
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