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Do you love or hate Kenny ?

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Ok theres been alot of controversy surounding Kenny some people Love him (like me) and some people hate him (like my brother) so ive created this poll so we have some oficial results his he hated or loved amongst fans ?
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  • I am one of the bigger Kenny supporters on this forums, To me he kind of reminds me of my best friend, loyal and nice to me, but kind of neutral to everyone else.
  • I guess it depends on how you played the game and how your choices affected Kenny. I have one playthrough where I sided with Kenny throughout the entire game, and I liked him when he said he would help me look for Clem with no hesitation. On another playthrough though, I was against Kenny during the entire game and I guess I didn't like him so much for other little things throughout the game. So I guess I'm neutral now.
  • In the begining (ep 1) I loved him. After ep 2 he starts annoying, but in the end I began to admire of him, after he forgives of Ben. Only strong man can forgive everything. His death was the most dumb thing in this game. Added up all these emotions, I can conclude that I am neutral.
  • Fairly netural towards him. I don't outright hate him, but I don't particular care for his bad attitude either.

    I'd like him more if he didn't leave me in serious danger a few times because I didn't consistently agree with his actions, despite me saving his life a good few times regardless of how I felt towards him. Not wanting to look for Clementine because he had a grudge against me regardless of how much I tried to help him didn't do any favours either.
  • I'd say I love Kenny, we were bros in my first game. But, then again, how you feel about Kenny depends on your choices in your main playthrough mostly. Aside from Lee's, I found his "death" (let's keep hope alive people!) the saddest. Especially since I said I'd go alone at the end of Episode 4, and he wouldn't let me.
  • I told them I should go alone as I did not want them to die, but his persistence and the bro speech just made me smile, and I agree his possible death is sad, the one with Ben to me was sadder but it's because it's the one I got first.
  • I'm in team Kenny. :D
    Of course he had his issues, but if you were a good friend to him, he returned the favor, and that is all that matters. If things go to shit you can count on him.
  • I liked him in episode one, indifferent in the beginning of episode two, skeptical / somewhat angry at Kenny at the end of the episode, hated him in episode three, despised him and wanted him dead in episode four, and really liked him in episode five.

    I'm in the middle I guess? I really thought he was a really solid character in episode five.
  • TomI021 I think should do the same type of thread here but make it a poll on how many like Lilly, I want to know how many people like her and hate her and I am pretty sure the results will be different.
  • Me and Kenny became bros the moment we met I still remember my reaction when I first saw him I said "Nice moustache dude" *sigh* memories. I sided with Kenny in every single choice even in conversation but the only time I ever sided against him was when I refused to drop Ben but I only saved him because Clem liked him so if Clem hated Ben I probably would have dropped him. I'm sad that I didn't get the bro speech at the end of episode 4 but I won Kenny back by pulling out the 'family card' and he was the only one who came with me to search for Clem because I hid the bite. I felt so happy talking to Kenny on the roof and when I missed the jump from the bell tower he pulled me up and he cut my arm off. When you think about it those weren't our best moments. I talked him down on the train, I was there for him when his family died, I did everything for him. Anyway lets get to the point since this post has gone on to long so after everything said, I have voted that I.... Hate Kenny. I'm joking of course I'm joking I voted that I love Kenny. We are bros for life even after his death.
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