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Did you hate or love Lilly

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Ok as requested by Bioshock Infinite WD i made this poll :D Im personally neutral on this one since i didnt hate her that much even tough she killed DOUG we were best friends . But she wanted to shoot Ben wich i was okay with at the time to be honest . But if she tryed to shoot ben now i would be mad.
Of course tough TEAM KENNY :D
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  • I was on Kenny side on the other poll so I hate Lilly. I felt sorry for her when Kenny (when I say Kenny I mean me and Kenny) killed Larry but she shot Carley. So I vote I hate Lilly. Yes first person to reply!
  • I felt somewhat sorry for Lilly but I started hating back in Episode 2, the hate increased in Episode 3 but I thought she could be trusted, show's what I know about people, because of her I will never trust anyone unless they prove themselves, which is a miracle that I liked Christa and Omid.
  • Yes, I love her! Awesome character, story is not such a complete without her. I was try to support her as it was possible( in my second walkthrough). You can call me a bustard, but I don't giving a fuck.
  • Lilly was an awesome character, it's too bad that I hate her and never want to see her again for what she did.
  • I do not care that you like Lilly, I will say she did add a lot to the game and the quality may have been less without her and she was well written but hay it's all opinion.
  • I'm neutral. I hated her at first, then after I helped Kenny in the met locker I felt really sorry for her, so I tried to be nice. Then she murdered Carley, and tried to spill my secret to everyone (although I'd already told everyone beforehand). I don't think she's particularly a bad person (or used to be, at any rate). She went over the edge after her father's death, which I viewed as necessary at the time. I probably would have liked her more if she hadn't killed Carley for insulting her. Shooting at me or Kenny is fine, because of what we did, but not Carley.
  • This is not on topic but I have to add that Carley's death and Lee's death show's Telltale has more balls then AMC, if Telltale wrote the show then Daryl would be dead right now, just goes to show how good the game is.
  • I don't know where I stand with Lilly. After episode two I was more so on Lilly's team because Kenny started to act like a complete fucking monster. Then she shot Carley. I don't know. She's a good character, a bitch a lot of the time but in episode three she really had some cool / meaningful / really sincere dialogue with Lee.
    This is not on topic but I have to add that Carley's death and Lee's death show's Telltale has more balls then AMC, if Telltale wrote the show then Daryl would be dead right now, just goes to show how good the game is.
    Sorry to derail the thread with more off-topic stuff, but yeah, that's something I noted too. Especially in season three, they intentionally killed off all the characters that would result in the least amount of anger from the fans:

    "Everyone really hates Lori, so let's kill her off to make the fans happy! Lets throw in Andrea too, nobody likes her. Eh, people are iffy with Merle so let's get 'em in there as well! ... Fuck it, let's also toss Axel / T-Dog in as well for good measures. No one cares about them!"

    Even before that, in previous seasons, they haven't really gotten the right feeling that the comics has. They killed Shane who was suppose to be dead back in the first season, they killed Dale but Hershel has thus morphed into his exact clone so nothing was lost, and finally they killed the nonexistant / pity character that is Jacqui offhandedly. The show needs to step it up and start killing fan favorites, e.g. Glenn or Daryl. They're doing a disservice to the comics. The only ballsy thing they did was kill Sophia.

    The game is great though. Killing off fan favorite Carley, the sudden department of the main character Lilly, murdering a child and a mother back-to-back... They really captured that dark feeling and "nobody is safe" vibe that The Walking Dead is all about.
  • I'm neutral towards Lilly, but because I'm biased towards Kenny, I'm more sympathetic towards her than him.

    Unlike Kenny, Lilly didn't hold petty grudges against me should I disagree with her and she saved my life more times than him. She came across more genuine and honest, and she had considered making difficult choices so others wouldn't have to.

    Of course that was until Episode 3 changed everything, given the 'Lilly shoots Carley/Doug' scenario, and I left her beind seeing how she's a liability to have around. Still I understand why she completely lost it, what's with the murder of her father and no one seemed to cared because they didn't like him one bit, and having to live with the one who did it who showed little remorse.

    In the end I pity Lilly more than I hate her.
  • Too hard to like her- she had an even less forgiving nature that Kenny when it came to picking sides. She's always like 'poor me, its so hard to lead, such responsibility' but she wasnt the leader, not according to Kenny anyway.
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