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No Deaths

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So it's me again with another thread and this time I was wondering if you managed to get through the entire game without dying (don't count Lee's actually death) I nearly made it through the whole game without dying but a walker got me in episode 4 when Lee got stuck in the bell tower staircase and I spent to long trying to free my leg so When I looked up a walker launched itself on top of me and rip out my organs. That was my only death in the entire game so raged a lot when it happened. So if you didn't make it through the game without dying, how many times have you died, what episodes were they, what happened, what was the cause of death and what was the death cutscenes like?
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  • Weirdly on my first play-through i didn't get shot by Brenda and haven't managed that since.

    I died in the bell tower, in the sewer (stupidly), shot by Bandits in ep 3, and humiliatingly when i timed out on the Carley/Doug choice. I can't remember the cut scenes for any of them.
  • On my first playthrough, I died quite a few times. First time, was trying to save Katjaa. Another death was when I got my leg stuck on the stairs in episode 4. One more death was during the badass scene where Lee goes around with a meat cleaver pwning those walkers.
  • I died at least twice I think. One time was me, being to stupid to properly stab a walker with the screwdriver at the motel xD. And the other one I remember was continuously walking towards Brenda and biting the bullet.
  • Most people died on the Brenda hallway it seems, and I thought I was the only one:rolleyes:
  • As sad as Lee's real death is, I have to say that the anticlimactic non-cannon deaths just make me laugh. "Put the gun down, bitch!" :D
  • They were funny, I did not say that as I was pretty sure it would kill you, she ended up killing me anyway but they are somewhat funny for some reason.
  • 1. When you're hiding behind the tractor in episode 2 when the bandits are shooting you and the walker is crawling after you. I lagged too far behind the tractor and got killed.

    2. When Danny is standing at the barn door aiming the gun at your face(episode 2). Took me completely by surprise.

    3. The bell tower in episode 4(when you walk backwards battling walkers). I just mashed on the pull leg option before realizing i had to shoot the walkers.

    Three deaths, nice and even. I imagine dying during the herd-fight in episode 5 really kills the mood. :p
  • I first died during the struggle with Sandra at the beginning, since I couldn't find the 'Q' button fast enough. Strange for me though since I have good keyboard skills and yet I couldn't find the 'Q' button before Sandra killed me. Most embarrasing moment for me.

    I can't remember much about my other deaths, but I do remember my very first.
  • I really wanted to complete the game without dying. But I let my guard down for just a second to free my leg. My first and last death.
  • I only died once in my whole first playthrough, not counting a glitch I experienced - in the "Brenda hallway" as others have talked about. It wasn't because of walking too close to her, though - I accidentally hit the wrong button and yelled at her instead of talking her down. ("Put the gun down, bitch!" Wait, what did I just --?) Needless to say, she shot me dead pretty quickly after that.
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