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If I could change 3 things about the Season....

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Mine are
1. Death of Carley/Doug
2. Time Skip after ep.1
3. Lee's Death
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  • 1. Lee's death
    2. More human drama in episode 4
    3. Pacing in episode 5
  • 1. Kenny doesn't die. He did not have stay behind and shoot Ben we could have done that and left.
    2. Clem keeps something to remember Lee when he dies like his gun or the walkie talkie
    3. Get to tell the group your secret if you save Doug. I liked Doug only saved Carley because she knew my secret and had a gun so if Doug knew my secret I would have saved him
  • I'd probably change up Ep 5- its was the most hopeless and depressing Ep5- bad enough we know Lee is on borrowed time from Ep 4, now we just play out his last miserable moments.
  • 1. We see Kenny get tore to pieces so people stop begging for him to be alive.
    2. Somehow being able to let Larry turn then having to deal with him would have been pretty epic.
    3. At least finding a 'game over' after leaving with Lilly on the RV or having it mean something to stay with her. (Although if she's in season 2, she may be a little nicer to Clem or something... We'll have to see).
  • 1) Carley/Doug lives (duh)
    2) Lee lives
    3) I would have liked a chance to say something or mourn for everyone that had died in the Season. The attic scene in Episode 5 would have been a perfect opportunity to say things about Carley, or Larry, or anybody else that didn't make it. We never really got a chance to do some proper mourning.
  • I wish we could have told Christa and Omid about Carley and Kenny's family more, but maybe Clem could in Season 2.
  • I would actually keep a lot of the stuff that upset me, because that's what made the game great, so i'll deviate a bit from the norm, by not just trying to create a happy ending with my changes (Lee and Ken, loved ya, but your deaths were great and they're staying)

    1. Minor Branching -I respect that it's a delicate balancing act, and helplessness is also crucial to the tone, but i would like to be able to see a little more difference from my choices. By episode 4 i was very aware that they didn't mean an awful lot while making the choices.

    2. I would keep Carley alive for longer -Okay this ones a little emotionally motivated, but still i felt there was more the be done with Carley. Everyone has to die at some stage, but it felt too soon for me personally. Especially given that either she or Doug were your chosen character i wish they had been made more important than they were.

    3. More ability to reflect/mourn in dialogue - I know pacing would be affected, so i'd make most of it be initiated by the player, but it felt like events and people were forgotten too quickly. I would like the ability to mourn for a fallen friend or admit that i regret a decision (touched on with the stranger, but the lines were quite throwaway, and like some people have said the ability to to talk fairly in depth about what effected you the most would have been a nice touch (such as in the atic in episode 5 for example)
  • I agree with what you said Fallen, I am okay with how far the branching went though I would have liked more, I would have liked Carley to last longer but it does beg the question at what point should they have killed and what would have killed her if Lilly did not, and a little more mourning would have been nice, the ability to talk about Carley more then we did would have been great.
  • Gratefully Dead;799168 said:
    1. We see Kenny get tore to pieces so people stop begging for him to be alive..
    lol- if someone can get shot in the face -with a gun- at point blank range and people still come here and say 'its possible' she's still alive (ROFL) then yes, by all means, its very possible he is out there right now, Lord of the Undead.

    I dunno I guess gunshot wounds to your face arent as fatal as they used to be. Did people need to see her head actually come off before death is a possibility?
  • Well let's see: You can argue about Carley's, Larry's, Kenny's, Lee's, and Andy's deaths.

    Carley can be shot in the cheek, so who knows? I don't question her being dead. (NOPE)
    Larry could have been alive from the CPR, undead, or dead.
    Kenny can be alive out there, for we never see him die.
    Lee could be alive, since we never see (flat out) die. (HIGHLY UNLIKELY)
    Andy could be alive if you left him. (HIGHLY UNLIKELY)
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