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In the attic

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Episode 5 in the attic Christa and Omid asked who you wanted to look after Clem when you were gone. If I remember correctly you could say "Christa and Omid", "Kenny" or "Find her a family". I said I wanted Kenny to look after Clem because he was my bro, I trusted him and he had a family and knew how to be a father. So who did you want to look after Clem at the time and why?
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  • I agree he was not ready to look after Clementine, maybe at a point if he lives but at that point it just was not time, he could still help though.
  • I'm starting to regret picking Kenny your right guys he wasn't ready to look after Clem after everything he had been through. Should have said Christa and Omid but still it doesn't really affect the story that much.
  • Don't regret, if he lives then you might just have been right after all.
  • i said omid and christa even though kenny was my bro, i figured asking them to take on the responsibility was a better idea and that kenny would still look out for her anyway because he is stubborn like that
  • I picked Christa and Omid. Kenny wasn't stable enough emotionally after the loss of his wife and son.
  • I kept a silence in this dialog.
  • I too chose Christa and Omid. I wanted Kenny to be like a godfather/Uncle to Clem instead. I felt Clem would need both a mother and a father, for it seemed Lee enough wasn't cutting it. Besides, Kenny was a emotional wreck and had just lost one child. He didn't deserve another burden so soon, although I know he'd care for her.
  • That was a really easy choice to make, even though I liked Kenny more than Christa or Omid. Since Lee was bitten, I knew Clem would have needed some compassionate, caring people while Kenny was literally at the lowest point of his life at that moment. I figured that if all of them would survive, Christa and Omid would care for Clem while Kenny kept the group alive. An hey, if Kenny survived and managed to get his crap back together, he would be a much more appealing choice to care for Clem if Christa and Omid bite it.
  • i wanted to not name O & C as possible wannabe parents to Clem until late as possible in my playthroughs,reason being,i can see that they are 2 good people who care for each other and are cautious,but i just got a feeling they would look after one another before Clem,and Kenny would give his dying breath to save his family,so it was a very hard choice and i thought i would survive the bite anyway!
  • Kenny. He wasn't my "bro" but I always respected the man, despite he was kind of an ass a few times.
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