How does each decision affect how the characters act towards you?

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I was just curious if anyone knew this, or had any thoughts about it.

I have a thread about a specific decision in hints, but this is more broad; in my own play of the game, I sided with Kenny anytime that I could - and sometimes that involved making choices that I wasn't even sure affected him "just in case" they did. It crossed my mind lately - how many of the decisions in the game might not have actually affected my relationship with Kenny? Or any other characters? On any future replays, it might be interesting to know.

So... how do your decisions affect other characters' opinions of you?

To be honest, I'm not sure how much some of the decisions affect Clem - since I was siding with Kenny my whole playthrough, I did some "bad" things, like killing Larry or dropping Ben. But Clementine and I still had a good relationship. Are dialogue options the only thing that really affect how Clementine acts towards you?

Also, it seems like whoever you save, Omid or Christa, doesn't affect either of them past episode 3. And even though I continued to side with Kenny - saying we needed to keep moving etc. - they were still on good terms with me. Is it even possible to be on bad terms with those two...?


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    Well I also sided with Kenny in my play though and it does affect Clem because at the end of episode 5 you have to decide if you want Clem to shoot you or leave you and if you let the timer run out she will decide herself. I rewinded when I finished to check out what Clem would do and she left me! Probably because of the decision I made with Kenny. I don't really know what choices affect Kenny and what don't. But in the meat locker siding with him or against him is a big blow in your relationship.
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    Whoa, really?? I didn't know that Clem did that! I think I kind of want to rewind my original save just to see what she does if I let the timer run out, too. I do know about the meat locker! Basically, I made all of my choices thinking about what Kenny would want me to do, haha (at first it was because I'd seen him on the episode 4 title screen and wanted to invest in a long time ally, but he quickly became a good friend.) And it seems like some of the ones that don't really relate to him (like Beatrice or the bell tower) might affect how he acts.

    (P.S. - Love your name! :) Kenny is best TWD character hands down, haha.)
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    Thanks for the compliment. If you do rewind your save file and see what Clem does let me know.
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    All the choices with Kenny affect him, if you side ageist him on every choice he will hate you by a lot.
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