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More focus on ammunition supply risks in Season 2?

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I can't help but feel that there were only two instances (from what I remember) where ammunition had consequences to the group in a couple of episodes, and throughout the season the group had unlimited ammo until when the plot says they're out.

I'm not complaining at all, but I would like to see Season 2 handle this a little more dramatically and make ammunition more important to conserve whenever possible, but not to the point where it ruins the pace of the story just because ammunition is too low.

It's probably just me overthinking it, but what do you all think?
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  • I wouldn't mind, say, a supply run mission where depending on how much you collect will determine how long your ammo holds out before you have to start using melee weapons or find a hidey hole in the next scene. I also wouldn't mind another character so worried about conserving ammo that she/he refuses to shoot things if you do poorly on supply run missions, much to the detriment of the party.
  • It seems like to me, this is the sort of thing that should help incourage exploration.

    Imagine with bigger enviroments and that you had to search around for bullets and food and stuff, that would be small things that would effect the story.

    It doesnt always have to be based around characters to have different branches.
  • Well, I calculated all shots from a gun G17, since the moment in beginning of episode three, when Lilly gives to Lee fully charged G17 (seventeen rounds in the clip + 1 in the barrel), after [SPOILER] Lilly killed Carley/Doug. [/SPOILER] Lee took her G17. + one clip without 1 extra bullet in the barrel (+17 bullets). I counted 29-30 shots until the moment when Lee in the fifth episode said that he has left 5 bullets. 29+5=34. 34/2=17. In a fully charged clip of G17 are 17 rounds of ammunition. So for the entire game (starting from the middle of episode 3), in our disposal approximately two G17 clips . First clip are already in the gun, the second in the reserve. In my calculations I have taken into account when learning shooting Clem, a girl missed shot 2 times, and she hits the target 3 times (three bottles). Means for training Clementines is spent 5 bullets (if you do not make the mistakes). In episode 4, there are two moments where you need to shoot zombies. In the beginning of episode 4 when [SPOILER]Molly rang the bell, and a crowd of zombies surrounded by group one walker grabs Kenny's foot ( minus 1 bullet). Then zombies surrounded Clementine, we have the opportunity to shoot 10 zombies, the eleventh "immortal" in storyline (minus 10 or 11 bullets, if not to miss). In elementary school, again you need to shoot (6 zombies).[/SPOILER] I will not describe all the other scenes with Glock, because missing shots is impossible in there.

    I understand that the cartridges are endless, but for myself, I imagined that I only have 2 clips G17 (34 bullets) +1 bullet in the barrel. I hope in the second season, I will not do it, because ammo will be limited.

    P.S. *Spoilers alert*
    Another strange sutyation: [SPOILER] When Lee fight with Stranger. Stranger have M9 pistol (Beretta M9). If Lee killing him by himself, and not shooting him in the head (after he strangled him), then when Lee opened door he killed walker, he killed him and spended the last bullet. Is that means that Stranger has got only one bullet? No. Because, if Lee can't kill Stranger by himself then Clementine shot the Stranger in the head, after this Lee opened door and killed walker, and spended the second bullet which is the last. BUT, if you failed quick-time event, Stranger shoots Lee in stomach, after this if you can't strangle him, Clem shoot, then Lee opened door and killed walker. So how many bullets Stranger had? One? Two? Or three? [/SPOILER]
    In the ending [SPOILER] Clem take Colt M1911 from walker who was a cop. In the fully charged M1911 is 8 bullets (seven in the clip, one in the barrel). It would be great if in S2, people who decide to shot Lee, will have only 7 bullets, and people who leave him will have eight bullets, [/SPOILER] and I hope that this extra bullet will be very important.
  • I can understand not wanting to restrict some aspects of the story in needing to focus on an exact amount of bullets the whole time, but I think it could be interesting if there were more scenarios where ammo had to be handled more carefully.

    In fact, I thought that guns in general could have been treated more valuably. I'd like to know exactly how many our group has.
  • It's only logical. Maybe a mission similar to where you went with Kenny to look for more medicine and food on episode 3.
  • Zev did you play through the whole game counting the shots, even I could not do that so well done there.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;799588 said:
    Zev did you play through the whole game counting the shots, even I could not do that so well done there.
    I recorded my second playthrough on a portable USB hard drive to before the release of the second season, I could see my previous choices. I had a chance to count all the shots in the game when I'm edited videos.
  • That is dedication if I have ever seen it. It would be cool if the devs do what you say they should as it would add more tension.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;799599 said:
    That is dedication if I have ever seen it. It would be cool if the devs do what you say they should as it would add more tension.
    Yes, Exactly! Image the sutyation: player spended too much ammo during all the season, and in the ending of season, ammo is run out and you must to something different than shooting, of somebody will die because of ammo is runs out.
  • I'll admit I answered no. But I would be Ok if you could run out of ammo. It might make for some interesting gameplay.
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