Which puzzles stumped you in Season 1? (Spoilers, obviously)

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I just finished Season 1 again, been replaying some Telltale games recently.
Even though the difficulty level was easy in this season, there were still a few puzzles that stumped me. By stumped, I mean I was stuck for over 15-30 minutes where I had no idea what to do and was trying clicking on everything etc.

So here goes -

* Episode 4 - getting the "Give me everything" poster (for the tax question).. this is because I was so used to there being nothing useful down that alley so I didn't think to check.

* Episode 6 - opening the door to the shuttle. I just didn't try picking up the TV antenna for some reason.

* Episode 6 - paying Bosco. I was certain those objects in the closet were just there as souvernirs from earlier episodes and it took me quite a while before I (out of desperation) tried to do anything with those.

There might have been some more but I can't think of it at the top of my head.
Anyway, as you can see, there is a pattern to what made me stuck.. it's all because of the episodic nature of these games. I'm not used to searching the same areas over to see if anything useful has appeared there when there was nothing useful in those areas in previous episodes.

So were you people stuck anywhere in the first season?


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    Episode 5. All of it.
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    Episode 4 - "Free Home Delivery" sign, I had found the "Give Me all You've Got" poster and thought the rest of the answers were in the stack of cards already prepared.

    Episode 5 - Getting Bosco out of Reality 2.0. I can't believe I didn't think to use the sword he'd just given me for the longest time!

    Episode 5 - Reality 1.5, who'd ever have thought you could "get Bosco's" or "use Bosco's with lake". This one's up there with "Throw baby".

    It's funny multiple people have mentioned the key for the lunar lander. As soon as Sam said they'd locked the key inside, I thought, where's a coat hanger? Hey, I think there's one serving the TV as an antenna!

    Episode 6 - Tic Tac Doom! Seriously, you have to throw the game?

    Episode 6 - Getting a trillion dollars. What exactly am I supposed to do to make the USA more valuable? Surely I can do this first and worry about Hugh Bliss later.... Hmm, wanton violence and destruction doesn't seem like it will help me with this one.
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    actually i really only had trouble with one puzzle all year... and that was knocking out specs in episode one... for some reason the thought to bonk him on the head with a bowling ball never came to me

    but once i got used to that kind of thinking... the rest of the season was easy for me ;)
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    Dangerzone wrote: »
    actually i really only had trouble with one puzzle all year... and that was knocking out specs in episode one... for some reason the thought to bonk him on the head with a bowling ball never came to me

    but once i got used to that kind of thinking... the rest of the season was easy for me ;)

    Yeah that stumped me too, particularly since i didnt realise you could look out the window heh
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    Cool avatar, great game :cool:

    But yeah, the first season was too easy.. however, it was still very, very good! Especially the last three episodes!

    Anyway, don't want to get it on topic so please go on and post puzzles that stumped you :)
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    Lets see,

    Episode 4: Using the bug to set up a date with Lincoln and Sybill

    Episode 5: Getting the password for Boscos bank account.

    Episode 6: Paying Bosco.

    Episode 6: Sawing the Shuttles legs off in the final fight.

    Other than that the puzzles all made sense..... in an insane kind of way.
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    Episode 4-Using the carbon dater on the weenies.

    Episode 5-Reality 1.5.

    Episode 6-Getting the hundred trillion dollars.

    The season 2 puzzles were much harder for me.
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    My biggest problem - figuring out how to pull over someone in episode 1! That was the only time I had to check the web site for a hint.
  • Episode 5: I was screwed when that stupid Corporate Presence kept eating everything I was trying to get... "Use Bosco's with Lake"??? I mean, what the heck?!
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    Episode 1: How to beat Brady Culture (I could've sworn I tried all combinations of commands, but I finally looked it up).
    Episode 4: The Army poster--Much too blended in.
    Episode 6: Didn't put two and two together and know to make Leonard Vomit. And using the spoon bending to open the door to Hugh Bliss's lair--I could've sworn I needed Bosco's earthquake machine to shake the bowling ball, but you can't get that until after you get in, I realized.
    Season 2, 2 games in so far, haven't needed even the in-game clues.
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    I was stumped with:

    Episode 1:
    The Insane Test or whatever it was called.
    Episode 2:
    Getting Ketchup for the Cake.
    Episode 3: Never had any.
    Episode 4:
    The Card thing
    Episode 5:
    The ending with the text adventure
    Episode 6:
    Getting Max's body parts back.
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    Episode 106: Sawing the legs of the Lunar Lander... only time I had to look into a walkthrough

    In Season two
    I had a weird Problem in 203... Somehow I could not open the secret passage... and tuned the hints up, to get confirmation, that ther indeed is a secret passage. After starting a new Game it worked first try, although i am sure I tried that before.
    Can't remember anything else where i really needed hints in season 2. But it took me a lot longer than season 1.
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    Let's keep the spoilers confined to Season one - per the title of the thread, please.
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    The first S&M episode I played was Episode 4 and I remember that I had a tough time right off the bat trying to figure out how to get into the White House. I think it's that I wasn't used to S&M's... umm... unique brand of problem solving... and didn't pick up on the audio clues that were given. Other than that, pretty much echo of the other examples above.
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    Episode one:Getting Max's head out from the ceiling.
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    The one part in season 1 that really had me stumped for a while was in episode 6: raising money for Bosco's invention. I rarely ask Max for advice on the situation, but I asked him in this episode... That didn't quite help me either, although I suppose I should have taken him more seriously!

    Spoiler time!
    As soon as I opened the closet door in Sam & Max's office, the answer finally clicked in my head... Of course! Make Leonard throw up!
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    Also, Episode 2: Alien Photo.I knew the answer was to take it with Hugh, but I avoided the outright Idea do to knowng Myra would inevitably talk about it.........puking.gif
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    I only really had trouble in episode 6, getting into the shuttle and making Leonard throw up. I just didn't think of those things. I thought Max fed Leonard the Declaration of Independence. Why would I need that?

    For the rest of the season, I think I spend the most time on the Downtown Cowboys sitcom set because there are just so many combinations! I wanted to try them all, it wasn't because I couldn't get it. Once I did get it, I actually wanted to load my game to a previous spot, just to try out the remaining possibilities.
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