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Death Reactions

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Did you ever scream any lines at the TV? Burst out in tears? Fuck! Maybe you laughed sick fucker...

Give us some of your reactions to deaths, and I don't mean whenever you died as Lee (except that tragic, tragic ending :() I mean when someone such as Carley, Duck or Ben died.
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  • I don't really remember all my reactions of when some of the characters died, but I do remember the tears I've shed when Duck and Lee died. I also do remember how I reacted when Lilly shot Carley. I was like, "CARLEY!... How dare you!"
  • No reaction for Carley death.
    I was unpleasantly surprised by the death of Chuck.
    Ben's death: "Oh no dude! Don't come on this handrail, it will break after Kenny... Oh, ok, bye dude."
    When Kenny sacrificed himself, I wispered "You crazy idiot... Goodbie pall, Ill miss you."
    No reaction for Lee's death, because my hopes were dashed earlier, when Christa said he had a high temperature (in the mansion).
  • Doug's death: ... (Silence)
    Carley's death: (mouth wide open, jaw dropped down to knees) ... ooooooh no, you didn't...!
    Katjaa's death: ...fucking hell...
    Shooting Duck: ... (silence) ... (silence) ... 20 minutes later *press button* *gunshot*
    Chuck's death: oh man... you deserved better... fucking Ben
    Brie's death: Brie talking: "What about the rest of us, don't we get a say in-" *Zombie attacks* Me: Nope, you don't.
    In my 1st playthrough Molly died: ... it's for the best, don't have enough place on the boat anyways
    Dropping Ben: ... (silence) ( 1 minute later ) FUCK, what have I done? (Thoughts about how big an asshole I am, for the next 2 days...)
    Kenny's death: ... NO... FUCK...! (something along those lines)
    Lee's death: *sob* *tears* ... *sigh* It was a hell of a ride, wasn't it?

    Pretty much what I thought in those scenes, or said. Not literally of course, but pretty much along those lines.
  • When Carley died I sat there my mouth wide open in disbelief. Katjaa's death "What! Katjaa no why would you leave Kenny he needed you". Duck's death "Kenny you should do it he is your son, I'm so sorry Kenny" "I'm so sorry Duck you were a good kid". Ben's death do you mean in the bell tower where he could have died or in the ally way. Anyway once again I stared in horror when I saw Ben on the railing and said "He's doomed I'm so sorry Ben". In the bell tower (where I saved him) I said outline "No way Ben your not dying on me!" So I pulled him up. When Kenny sacrificed himself I said "Hell no Kenny I'm not leaving you" and then he pushed me out and I shouted "What the F*** Kenny after all we've been though , please Kenny your not thinking straight, don't throw your life away, no F****** way don't die on me now... I'll miss you Kenny". I raged when Kenny died in fact I quit the game there but decided to continue for Clem. I cried a little at Lee's death I also cried out "No way!" when he was bitten.
  • My reactions to these deaths in order

    Carley: I was unlucky enough to not see Lilly grab the gun, as was happy at that moment then after it happen my jaw hit the ground I made no sound the controller fell out of my hand and I said nothing until we got to the train, I got rid of Lilly without a second thought,

    Katjaa and Duck: When I heard the gunshot, I started yelling to my self, no that did not just happen. When I did I was shocked and repeated saying the no, I shot duck after saying nothing and turning my head.

    Chuck: I thought he was dead after he was surrounded by walkers, when I found him in the sewers I yelled God Dame it, why Chuck and then agreed with Lee.

    Ben and Kenny: When he fell I thought he died when he hit the ground, I was happy when I found him alive I was happy until we found the rung, I realized he was not going to make it and just looking at him made me sad, when Kenny turned to me and told me to leave I yelled out No Way Friend, I started crying the moment after he locked the gate, I thought he was dead until I came heard the talk.

    Lee Everett: I do not need to say much, I started crying the moment he fell into the corner of the room and did not stop for sometime after the credits ended, the song really did not help.
  • By far the biggest reaction come via Doug, in the forest. It was completely out of nowhere and he was such a likable character.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;799911 said:
    the song really did not help.
    Oh yes, the music made it much much worse. Both the "Goodbye" theme playing during the scene and "Take us back" during the credits. Hearing either one, (Have them on my cellphone) still gives me a strange feeling.
  • I must be insane to have Take Us Back on my Ipod, and it still does mess with me someday's, really odd when I school I was just waiting for the class to end, play the Ipod and that song was on, the teacher must have thought I was crazy as I past the test and now I am sad for hearing a song.
  • Also am I the only one who heard Good Buy and think it's the Clementine theme played backwards with more sad sounding interments and it playing a bit slower, or am I just crazy.
  • And I will buy the soundtrack without a second thought when they release it, until then Youtube Walking Dead game music is the way to go.
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