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In episode 3 when Lilly ask you to go snooping around to find out who stole the supplies out of all your suspects Kenny, Katjaa, Duck, Clem, Ben, Carley (or Doug) who were you most suspicious of at the time when you had collected the evidence and talked to the group. Also why we're you suspicious of this person. I was suspicious of Kenny believe or not even though he was my bro he would do anything for his family so maybe he was trading with the bandits to keep them safe. But I changed my mind not long after as who could suspect Kenny (Lilly supporters probably no offence) so anyway who did you suspect?
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  • I first thought it was Ben, because he was the most recent person to join the group, after the bandits attacked I thought it was not him and perhaps someone that was not in the group, and when I found out I was mad, I got over it in the waiting time though.
  • I didn't think it was Ben at first since he seemed too obvious and I had thought that Telltale wouldn't use the most obvious suspect as the culprit. Guess I was wrong in the end.

    I didn't really suspect anyone, since I didn't think anyone would be capable of the theft. Though I admit that I had a feeling it was either Kenny or Ben.
  • I thought it was ben due to him being so new or no one it could had been someone sneaking in. I thought it was no member of our group because I thought tell tale would make us kill someone we thought was the traitor only to later learn it wasn't them thus causing major sadness :(
  • I thought it was Ben from the very beginning. No other survivor fits other than Ben.
  • At first I suspected, primarily, Kenny, Duck, and Ben. I suspected Lilly too, but a little less than the others. Given the talk Kenny and Lee had in Macon, I thought she could be trying to blame it on Kenny to get the group to side against him and kick him out or something. After I went around to everyone and talked with them about the flashlight, I eliminated everyone but Ben. His denials were just so obvious.
  • Carley seemed unusually defensive so I was shocked when Ben confessed.
  • I never thought it was Carley, after three months she was way to trustworthy to betray everyone and almost everyone liked her.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;799933 said:
    I never thought it was Carley, after three months she was way to trustworthy to betray everyone and almost everyone liked her.
    I didn't suspect Carley either. I crossed Clem off the list because it couldn't possibly be her. Unless the bandits some how convince Clem that they had her parents so if she traded them supplies they would keep them safe like how the stranger tricked her. But that was unlikely at the time. Duck was to dumb to do something like that, Lilly was suspicious because she could have been trying to pin the blame on someone else. Ben was a suspect but I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. I stuck up for him by the RV when it was him all along. God dammit Ben you get everyone killed!
  • If you ask Carley all of the questions she is on the back foot
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    I thought it was Clem :D
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