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Death Reactions

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Did you ever scream any lines at the TV? Burst out in tears? Fuck! Maybe you laughed sick fucker...

Give us some of your reactions to deaths, and I don't mean whenever you died as Lee (except that tragic, tragic ending :() I mean when someone such as Carley, Duck or Ben died.
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  • Also am I the only one who heard Good Buy and think it's the Clementine theme played backwards with more sad sounding interments and it playing a bit slower, or am I just crazy.
  • And I will buy the soundtrack without a second thought when they release it, until then Youtube Walking Dead game music is the way to go.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;799928 said:
    I must be insane to have Take Us Back on my Ipod, and it still does mess with me someday's, really odd when I school I was just waiting for the class to end, play the Ipod and that song was on, the teacher must have thought I was crazy as I past the test and now I am sad for hearing a song.
    You openly declare that you are a schoolboy? You are very brave, I am impressed. Never mind.
    I got a full collection of soundracks fron TWD (and also from TV show) on my mobile phone :D
  • I did say I was 15 in the age thread, I wish there was another way to get the entire soundtrack other then from Youtube but it does not bother me since I can still hear the great music, which by the way has some of the best music I have heard in gaming for sometime.
  • Carley's Death: My jaw dropped, and I stumbled into my living room babbling something and my cat looked at me strangely. I think I was more confused than surprised going by that description.

    Duck's Death: I was shedding tears, because Kenny and Katjaa kind of remind me of my parents, and the way Kenny was in denial the entire time just hurt.

    Ben's Death: I dropped him, and actually cringed when he hit the floor in the tower. Then when the camera showed him still alive, and being eaten, I wanted to look away. For the first time in the game I actually considered my Lee a bad person for doing that. This decision is the only one I truly wanted to go back and change, even though I didn't think he would have lived anyway. And when I saw he could be in your group at the end, I felt so terrible after I learned he could live.

    Kenny's Death: I had decided that if only one person could survive Episode 5 I wanted it to be Christa, because of her baby. So when Kenny jumped down I got all teary eyed as he lifted Christa up. I couldn't look away from him, and when Lee was yelling at him I burst into full blown tears. The guy who'd been my best friend since the start had saved the person I wanted to live the most, and I couldn't go down there to help him. I stayed in denial that he was gone until I got to The Marsh House.

    Lee's Death: I had accepted that Lee was going to die from the very end of Episode 4, so it wasn't so much his death as how he died that got to me. Having Clem say I could lean on her really got to me, and begging Lee to stand after he fell was heartbreaking. I was more afraid of turning in that room and killing her, which felt really dark when I realized that I was looking for objects for a 9 year old to use to bash my head in with. In the end, I had her shoot me so I wouldn't have to see Lee as a walker, and just stared dejectedly at the monitor as the credits scrolled by, unable to say anything.
  • The worst part is I knew Lee was going to die by the end of Episode 4, but when I cut his arm off, I started to get some hope that he might live, and that may have made it worse for me in the end.
  • Mark: I had already guessed why the St. Johns wanted him alone and that he'd turn out to be a red shirt, but he was my red shirt...

    Larry: "Hey he's breathing!-GAH!?"
    Knew things were all downhill for the group from there...

    Danny: I was stopped mid-triumph just in time for my guilt trip. The fact that it was avoidable for the most part was what made it work.

    Carley/Doug: More shock than any genuine sadness really...

    Duck and Katjaa: First sign of manly tears that the series got from me.

    Chuck: Sudden but not totally unexpected. Still asked why it couldn't have been Ben.

    Brie: Frickin Ben...

    Ben and Kenny: Despite everything, I was sadder than I thought I would be when Ben's voice was cut off by that gunshot. I didn't always like Kenny either, and I thought he was essentially throwing his life away in that alley, but for me there was a real solemn conclusiveness to the final exchange.
    "Katjaa wouldn't want this!"
    "Yeah, she would. I either save the kid or I get to see her."

    Lee: Suffice to say that starting with him revealing to Clem why he didn't have an arm, there were tears. Not manly ones.
  • I watched a Lets Play of the first three episodes, so I didn't have very many reactions of my own for stuff in the first three parts - but I do distinctly remember crying out in shock and dismay when Doug was killed. I'd really liked him, and seeing him go that way was horrible. I couldn't even bring myself to watch the rest of the Lets Play, so after that I just bought the game myself and saved Carley instead.

    Since I knew for almost certain she would die, I wasn't too surprised when Lilly killed Carley, but I was surprised by how she did. Since Doug sacrificed himself for Ben, I had been expecting Carley to as well, but after I saw Lilly just murder her in cold blood I was pretty angry. I actually left her behind, and I hadn't expected to make that choice.

    Duck and Katjaa I had pretty much no reaction to. I guess I was still pretty numb from losing two group members already. I was sad, but it was a hollow kind of feeling.

    When I found Chuck in the sewers I just sighed. I had already suspected that he hadn't made it out alive, but it was horrible to see that for certain.

    Brie I was actually very shocked and upset over. I'd been warming up to her and she was nice enough. I didn't make the connection that it was Ben's fault until later.

    I dropped Ben because he asked me to, and I didn't want to deny him that choice if he really felt it was best for the group. I felt horrible when he survived the fall and ended up being eaten alive while screaming for help. I thought he would have been killed on impact.

    Kenny was my best friend throughout the whole game, so when he jumped in to save Christa I just stared in shock at the screen. I told Christa and Omid that he might have lived, and I believed it myself for a long time. It didn't really sink in that he was gone until later, and I felt pretty sad when I realized it.
  • I usually just stare in shock with my heart rate increasing, but that's about it. The only exception is when I cried during Lee's death.
  • Shawn: Ohhhh boy.... I don't think Hershel's gonna like this....

    Doug: Damnit! Everyone fucking move before we lose more.

    Larry: Calm the fuck down, man! You're gonna give yourself a-- Oh, shit. Fuck! CPR! Then his head exploded and I freaked out at Kenny.

    Carley: I literally shouted "What?!" and had to pause the game a moment to gather my thoughts. I was honestly relying on her to keep the group together. Things did not go how I thought they would, obviously...

    Katjaa: The moment I heard the gunshot and Kenny yelling, my heart sank. Nearly teared up myself when I saw Kenny crying.

    Duck: I was mopey the entire time he was bitten and getting worse. I almost didn't feel it when I shot him. Between Lilly going off the deep end, Carley's sudden death and Katjaa's suicide, I had just been through too much.

    Chuck: I took a moment of silence for my HoBro in arms.

    Brie: Well, shit. Run!

    Ben: Seeing that metal rod through his stomach sorta knocked the wind outta me. Despite everything, I was always fond of Ben. I wanted him to succeed. After he told Kenny off, I decided I would do my best to make sure he made it. I failed.

    Kenny: I fought tooth and nail to keep him. He was my confidant. He was my brother. He was my friend. If it weren't for Clem, I don't know if I could have kept going.

    Lee: I was on the verge of tears throughout the entire thing, and then the music swelled right before the end and I couldn't stop a few tears from leaking out. It's rare that I feel so attached to a video game character, and every time it happens, I know I'm going to be devastated by the end...
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