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Which games are you currently playing?

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basically name a game or more that you are currently playing (or have been recently) and say what you think of it.

Prince of Persia (newest): It is OK, not as good as the last 3, the removal of death as a deterrent is irritating, I wish they had not done it, it seems like a way to appeal to "casuals". I think the combat is dry and repetitive also.

Smash Bros:brawl: Overall an excellent game, however a lot of the mechanics from melee worked better in my opinion

Halo Wars: the best RTS I have played on a console, over simplified compared to PC ones, although that is to be expected. It is a pity Ensemble don't exist anymore
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  • Yeah, I know how to beat it, I'm just physically incapable of doing so.
  • It's only a giant spider. What's so bad about that? You totally don't know how to beat it, you big dumb GIRL. go men
  • Fawful, you're going to get a package soon. You should totally lock yourself in a closet and then open it. Don't worry if it moves. It's supposed to do that.
  • Tarzan (PS1)

    Its a kids game, thats for sure... -_-
  • Couple of Android games.

    I suspect I won't be using it primarily for games, but the ones I've been playing most are The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Neon Flow, which is shockingly addictive.

    I tried the Catchphrase game, because that show was awesome, but it just... it just didn't work. Either I'm not used to the touch-screen controls yet or the game's just not responsive enough. Probably both. :(
  • Alcoremortis;800048 said:
    Well, finally started Ocarina of Time. I got most of the way through the first dungeon thingee in the mustache tree, but then a giant-ass spider-horror murdered me to death and I decided that it was time to go to sleep.

    But I'll be going back someday. Possibly someday soon.
    Gohma or the skulltulas? :p I love that phrase though. Giant-ass spider-horror.
  • Finally got round to scooping up Injustice.
    Its pretty good. A nice storymode thats very more-ish.
    Very MK-styled but its certainly more fluid than classic MK. (And quite nice to play on a PS3 controller. Oh yeah. I defected to PS3 from 360 now. I'm not even going to bother waiting till the next gen to do it! XD)
  • Tales of monkey island , Sam and Max The devils play house and im going to start playing mass effect 1 soon but so far im liking both Sam and max and Tales of monkey island :D
  • Tomi021;800145 said:
    BTTF so far its meh/OK played trough the first 4 episodes lets hope the 5th one lives up to the hype
    Well, you made it further than me.
  • Hayden;803251 said:
    Well, you made it further than me.
    Lol when did you stop playing
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