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What if Clementine becomes a ruthless killer no matter what ?

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Clementine saw many traumatising things at this point including seeing her parents and having to shoot/leave Lee and i think she is going to snap and pretty much become a monster like Carl and might turn on the new group no matter what we did as Lee .
I don't think our actions of sparing the St Johns , not stealing from the car , bringing her to Crawford , Killing the Stranger are gonna change Clementine's fate because i can't see her in season 2 ( if she really appears ) having a clear mind and become like Lee because Lee's action of not stealing from the car din't stop Campman from stealing Clementine , Lilly kills Carley/Doug even if we try to revive Larry . I'm afraid that Clementine might become a psychopatic killer and deciding that Lee's words don't matter and that only being ruthless will help her survive in this world and the new protagonist will have to take her out for the good of the group and it will be very painful for us .
So do you guys think that Clem will follow Lee's foot steps or become a killer no matter what ?
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  • ZeroShoot;795626 said:
    I don't think he meant that innocence, but rather the one with the killing, uhhh... which innocence are you thinking of?

    uhhhh... this thread is going nowhere good...

    I really think he didn't mean what I think you think he meant, bro, you know, I think he meant that she will have to kill and stuff.

    I'm quite confused...

    However @ Mark$man:

    *reastablishes contact with HQ*

    "Send over an Apache and hit 'em up good, over."

    *Zero 0-1 to HQ*

    "Enemy under suppressing fire, if he sticks his head out, he's done, over."

    Uhh this is going nowhere either, is it? No one will give up, even if we start a nuke or something over it. xD
    *Choppers are seen flying overhead, blasting rockets and suppressing fire across the valley, tearing apart the enemy forces*

    Heh, he never called out the coordinates

    *Speaks into walkie-talkie*

    Yeah, you're getting em'. Just keep it up. Zero 0-1, out.

  • Mark$man;795778 said:
    That is nasty! What the hell? The conversation is "Will Clementine become a ruthless killer", not "Will Clem be raped or become more sexually involved?" Just wtf? Who even thinks that of a 9 year old girl!?
    Now I feel calmly. Sorry for false accusation kid. Next time be careful with phrases who have double value. And actually I agree with you that one day Clem will have to kill anyone else.
  • zev_zev;795847 said:
    Now I feel calmly. Sorry for false accusation kid. Next time be careful with phrases who have double value. And actually I agree with you that one day Clem will have to kill anyone else.
    Or maybe others shouldn't be perverted...? The thread literally talks about Clementine being a killer, and if it fits in context, why think different? You basically made a statement similar to: "You shouldn't sit on chairs because there is a floor." If someone actually thinks about the game this way, no offense but they shouldn't be here.
  • Because frankly, after the stuff from Episode 5, it's very unlikely such a little girl would stay mentally stable, even if she's wiser than a regular 9 year old girl. To see her finally crumble would be one hell of a tear jerker.
  • The character has been through messed up stuff which may make her sad but a 9 year old rufless killer? No. She may imagine people are still alive or cry a bit but the best trait of Clem is how strong she is. So I doubt she goes a full Lily. She has subliminally known her parents are dead for a long time. She just clung to the hopebthe stranger gave her.
  • I expect Clem to be just like Lee when she grows up, except white.
  • I know she will never be the same, but why become a killer if Lee always said not to do that, she did not enjoy killing the few times she did why would she start now?
  • I believe that Clementine is a very sweet and gentle little girl. I don't think she will become ruthless. She is a strong hearten kid who see's good in people. I hope they will retain her innocence and good nature in the next season which i think will start right after the end of the 1st season. I hope shooting Lee at the end was the right decision and doesn't affect her in season 2 (if it does i might have to repeat that part again and change it so Clem will walk away)

    I believe that Clem will still be a child in season 2 and won't start to become an teenager or adult until later seasons which will be continuing Clementine story.
  • I'd be proud of her... because that's what you wanted her to become as soon as you knew you were bitten.

    Strong, independent and doesn't take shit from anyone.
  • In response to the thread's title...I would demand a full refund from Telltale.
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