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What would YOU have done?

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If the whole scenario of TWD was real, but it was you instead of Lee Everett, what choices might you have made - and what would you have done differently from your in-game choices?

Keep in mind that you could also pick a third option if you wanted to try one since this is real life and not a video game with only two choices.

Assuming I survived the beginning scene anyway - I don't know how to load a gun or shoot one, since I've never even seen one in real life, so I'd have to beat the police officer to death with the shotgun or just run - here are the choices I would have made:

Shawn or Duck: I would have saved Duck if I had to just choose one, as he is a child. But I would have tried to save both if I could have (going for Duck first, though.) (Saved Duck in-game)
Giving Irene the gun: I probably wouldn't give it to her, as I haven't seen anyone turn yet and wouldn't want anyone to just give up. (Gave her the gun in-game)
Doug or Carley: Doug's my favorite TWD character even though I've never saved him personally (seen him in Let's Plays,) and I'd also be less likely to just choose Carley because she was a girl because I'm also a girl. However, I think I would still save Carley because she could teach me how to shoot a gun later. If I could I would try to save them both - maybe send Clem with the ammo for Carley and pull the zombies off of Doug. (Saved Carley in-game)
Shooting Jolene: If I knew how to handle a gun by that point, I would probably shoot her myself, if only for fear of her shooting me. She had a crossbow pointed at me. (Did not shoot her in-game)
Killing Larry: I probably wouldn't be able to choose, but I would at least agree with Kenny verbally that he was right. I'm not sure I would be able to actually hold Lilly back, though. I'd probably tell him to do the deed while I shielded Clem from seeing it. (Killed Larry in-game)
Killing the St. Johns: I wouldn't have killed either, simply because I don't think I could have done it. Also, it would be more obvious that Clem was there in real life than it was in game, so I wouldn't want her to see. (Spared them in-game)
Stealing from the van: I would have stood with Clementine, or at least tried harder to explain to her that we needed the food. (Stole in-game)
Shooting the girl: I would have listened to Kenny and left her. I wouldn't want to waste the ammo, and she was dead anyway. (Did not shoot in-game)
Leaving Lilly: I would have left her. I would not let someone who had just proven she was willing to kill other humans without reason onto the same RV with Clementine and Duck. (Left her in-game)
Zombie Duck: I'd shoot him myself, or we would just leave him. It would be very horrible to shoot a child like that, but it would be more horrible for Kenny to have to do it. I might not volunteer until after Katjaa died though. (Shot Duck in-game)
Boy in the attic: I would have told Kenny he could do it. As much as it's horrible, I think he might need to do it to get any closure over Duck. (Shot Fivel myself in-game)
Ben in the bell tower: I would have pulled him up. Even if he was a liability, I couldn't let anyone die. (Dropped him in-game)
Removing arm: I would have cut it off, maybe even before we left for Vernon's place. It would probably be one of the first things I thought of, and even though it might make me take longer, it could give me more time to save Clem in the long run. (Cut it off in-game)
Killing the stranger: I would have let go of him before actually strangling him. Strangling him wouldn't have helped anyway, since its in the brain or nothing. (Let Clem shoot him in-game)
Deciding your fate: I'd have told Clementine to leave me. I'd like to say it would be because I want her to save the bullet - that would be what I'd tell her - but really I would just be too scared to die that way. At least leaving me, there's a chance maybe cutting my arm off worked (even though it didn't,) and I can just drift off to sleep. Besides, if I'm handcuffed, I won't be hurting anyone. (Had her shoot me in-game)
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  • Since I have free time, I might as well contribute:

    I would save Duck: I would have hoped that more people would come by and save Shawn while I try to save the kid. (Saved Shawn in-game)
    I wouldn't give the gun to Irene: I probably would have been too optimistic, since I would have thought that there would be some sort of treatment for her condition, and committing suicide would have been a waste. Also, I didn't like the idea of being responsible for assisting someone into killing themselves. (Gave the gun to Irene in-game)
    I would have directed Clementine to give ammo to Carley: I would help Doug since he was in more trouble than Carley was, and seeing how Carley was reaching for her bag for ammo, and Clementine was around, I would have ordered Clementine to help Carley while I help Doug. (Saved Carley in-game).
    Would listen to what Jolene had to say: I'd be terrified, but I would have tried to diffuse the situation by talking to her. (Did not shoot Jolene in-game).
    I would not help kill Larry: I wanted to make absolutely sure that Larry was about to turn before we had to kill him. He had only just collapsed, and there's no evidence that he could turn that fast. I would try to save him until I know for sure it's useless, and then show Lilly that he can't be saved if it did come to that. (Did not help kill Larry in-game).
    I would not kill both St. Johns brothers: Leaving them to the walkers would have felt more satisfactory. A quick death would have been too good for them. (Did not kill both St. Johns brothers in-game).
    I would not steal from the car: I would have assumed that it was a trap left by someone, or that another survivor was nearby in the same situation as us. Also, why take everything? Why not just take what we need and leave the rest behind, and leave a note behind to explain our situation and try to meet up if possible to make an agreement? (Did not steal from the car in-game).
    I would mercy kill the girl: Not a logical move, but the thought of leaving someone to die a painful death that I could have prevented would have probably killed me inside. I wouldn't forgive myself. In her shoes, I would have hoped to have a quick and painless death. (Mercy killed the girl in-game).
    I would leave Lilly: If the worst came to worse and Lilly goes off the deep end, I would have left her. She's a liability now, and she would have gotten worse if she came with us.
    I would have mercy killed Duck for Kenny: Honestly, I don't think I'd actually go through with it, but I would have hoped to do the favour of sparing a parent the heartbreak of mercy killing their own kid. (Mercy killed Duck myself in-game).
    I would have mercy killed the walker boy in the attic: I'd be mercy killing again, but since I had no connection with the walker kid, and the fact that he's already long dead, I would have had an easier time mercy killing him compared to Duck.
    I would pull Ben up: Yes, he's a liability to have around due to him screwing up, but I'm not a murderer and Ben's just a kid who trying his best not to be a burden. Dropping Ben to his death would have meant that I agree with Crawford, and since I have a disability, that would mean that I would have had casted myself out from Crawford since I was nothing but a burden myself. Funny that. (Pulled up Ben in-game).
    I would not remove my arm: I'm a coward when it comes to self-harm in order to save my life, so I would think that cutting my arm off would have done no good since it was already too late. (Did not cut my arm off in-game).
    I would not kill the stranger: I sympathised with him, and I would have tried to diffuse the situation myself even if it took me until I became a walker. I would have tried to persuade him to let Clementine go and be on his way. He may have tried to attack me regardless, and I might have no choice but to kill him in self-defence if I needed to. (Killed the stranger in-game).
    I would ask Clementine to mercy kill me: It's a horrible thing to ask, but I would have wanted Clementine to let me go and understand that leaving me as a walker could haunt her forever. Die a peaceful death or reanimate as a walker and live as a monster, waiting for someone to come along and put you out of your misery? I would have chosen the latter.

    Phew. That's a lot to go through. And yeah, this was just for a bit of fun, so don't take it too seriously.
  • The first walkthrough shows a true decisions, what person would be do if he was in those situations. First walkthrough shows to you, who you are.
  • zev_zev;800019 said:
    The first walkthrough shows a true decisions, what person would be do if he was in those situations. First walkthrough shows to you, who you are.
    But... it doesn't, really. I didn't play the game acting like it was me; I played as Lee, knowing it was a video game and my wrong decisions could just be rewound or fixed. (I didn't ever rewind, but the option was there.) In real life, I really doubt someone would be as quick to punch zombies off of someone with their bare hands as Lee seems to be in the game - because it wouldn't be a video game. Likewise, letting someone shoot themselves wouldn't be as easy, either, if they were a real person and not some AI.

    Thanks for your input, RichWalk23! I think having to kill the only guardian she had left might haunt Clementine equally, but you're right that seeing them turn into a monster would be just as bad.
  • You're welcome. Happy to contribute.

    And yeah, playing as an avatar character in a zombie apocalypse rather than actually being in a real zombie apocalypse is two different things. How do you know that you'll do exactly what you did in the Walking Dead as Lee in a real zombie apocalyse? For all we know the first thing we do is curl up in a corner and cry our eyes out, or lock ourselves in one room and wait for someone to come along and fix the mess.
  • Shawn or Duck:
    I want to say Shawn. He's more useful & I owe him for getting my out of town but in that situation my instinct would say Shawn is more capable of defending himself and so I'd have to grab Duck. Unfortunately

    Giving Irene the gun:
    Had I been allowed the option I'd have shot her myself, or preferably found a quieter way to kill her. I'm not really in favour of handing over my guns or wasting bullets.

    Doug or Carley:
    Carley was useful with the gun, Doug seemed useless. Pretty simple choice

    Shooting Jolene:
    I'd have dropped my gun. If Danny then shot her, I'd have picked the gun up and shot him. "Oh sorry, your son got shot by a crazy woman in the forest" :rolleyes:

    Killing Larry:
    I'd have tried to save him but would have made sure I had something to smash his head in with standing by.

    Killing the St. Johns:
    No point in killing them if they're incapacitated

    Stealing from the van:
    Damn right I'd steal from the car, infact I'd steal the car as well. That's just the way it is.

    Shooting the girl:
    I would have tried to save her before she was bitten, providing she had a chance. Once bitten the damage is already done, you might as well put a bullet in her head.

    Leaving Lilly:
    As I've said before, not only would I have taken Lilly with me, I'd have taken Clem and left with her. The group Lee stays with is doomed without Carly and Lilly

    Zombie Duck:
    Well Kenny had been a prick to me so I certainly wouldn't have volunteered to kill his kid for him. He can do it himself.

    Boy in the attic:
    Finish him, he's a potential threat, even if only a small one.

    Ben in the bell tower:
    Save him obviously, there's no point in letting him die.

    Removing arm:
    Depends really. If you can remove it immediately, yeah go ahead. If you leave it as long as Lee does, no forget it.

    Killing the stranger:
    That conversation would have gone differently but ultimately, he either lets Clem go or I throw him out the window (with my 2 arms)

    Deciding your fate:
    I don't really fancy the idea of being shot in the face, fear says I'd just tell her to go.
  • I know for a fact I would not have done some of the things Lee did, I don't know if I honestly could do some of these choices as I freeze up when something like those choices happen.
  • I would have never went to the St. John's farm(I actually tried to get everyone to stay), so everything would have been different. Anyway...

    Shawn or Duck:
    I would have put the gear on the tractor to reverse and hit the gas, getting the tractor off Shawn and dragging the zombie that was holding Duck.

    Giving Irene the gun:
    Uh... I would have used the axe, personally. I'd understand her giving up, and I'd help her with it. However, I wouldn't waste a bullet or trust her with a firearm, nor would I be okay with the sound the shot would make.

    Doug or Carley:
    Would have told Clem to grab the ammo while I pulled Doug away from the window. Otherwise would have saved Carley(easy decision).

    Shooting Jolene:
    I would have lowered my weapon to show I wasn't a threat, and had Danny shot her, I would have shot him in response, for I'd have an excuse. "Danny and I got ambushed, but I managed to avenge him."

    Killing Larry:
    I'd have dropped the salt lick on his head. Sorry, but I don't like risks.

    Killing the St. Johns:
    Wouldn't have killed Danny, but definitely Andy. Can't allow someone to live that can still move freely.

    Stealing from the van:
    Yeah, I'd steal the supplies. Being kind and thoughtful doesn't allow you to survive, and frankly, leaving them out like that begs for someone to steal them.

    Shooting the girl:
    I would have shot the zombie before she got bitten and would have helped her up the truck. Had she already been infected before and I hadn't noticed, I would have pushed her back down and into the small horde.

    Leaving Lilly:
    I would have shot her as retaliation to make sure no other survivors were killed.

    Zombie Duck:
    I would kill his kid for him.

    Boy in the attic:
    Would give Kenny the wrench to bash into the kid, and I'd ease him through it.

    Ben in the bell tower:
    I'd have pulled him up. A living survivor is to me, better than a walker.

    Removing arm:
    I'd remove the arm.

    Killing the stranger:
    I would have let Clem do the honors.

    Deciding your fate:
    If I was going to die, I'd tell her to give me the baseball bat and leave. Then at least she didn't just leave, she gave me a weapon. If the walkers somehow get in, I'll have something to 'defend' myself. If I can, I'd bash my brains in with the bat. If I couldn't(most likely so) at least Clem didn't have to see.
  • Shawn or Duck:
    Shawn. He need help more then Duck.

    Giving Irene the gun:
    Give a gun for her. Who am I to interfere with her own destiny? She want to die without suffering.

    Carley or Doug:
    Doug needs help more then Carley, because he was seized dozens of hands of the walkers, and only the one footless zombie grabbed Carley for leg .

    Shooting Jolene:
    Shot her first, because who knows maybe she will shot me? This self-defense is nothing more.

    Killing Larry:
    Try to help him.

    Killing the St. Johns:
    Leave them for walkers.

    Stealing from the van:
    Steal the food.

    Shooting the girl:
    Save poor baby from suffering.

    Leaving Lilly:
    Leave her, but give her some food, and melee combat weapon.

    Zombie Duck:
    Shot him.

    Boy in the attic:
    Leave him.

    Ben in the bell tower:
    Save him.

    Removing arm:
    Not remove arm, because too late, I knew it.

    Killing the stranger:
    Let the stranger taking care of Clementine.
    Think about it:
    If random zombie wouldn't be standing behind the door, Lee and Clem, could not pass through the crowd. Because they had nothing to disguise their human smell. The insides of a stranger not suitable for this purpose because they are too fresh, and it will attract zombies. So how can I know that this walker will standing behind the door? If, I'll kill stranger, Clem and I will still in dead trap, and I'll will die, and turn very soon. I prefer to let stranger take away Clementine from city by car, after that Clem can runaway from him, if she want.

    Deciding your fate:
    After this ^ I'll let the stranger to shot me. But before this, I shall ask him to, he'll never told Clementine that I was came here.
  • Shawn or Duck?:
    Duck is a kid, I'd save him.

    Give Irene the gun?:
    Yes, with a bad feeling though. She was bitten, she'd turn, why go through that pain first? Why not end it right away?

    Carley or Doug:
    Carley, Doug was a nice guy, but... Carley can handle a gun, and personally I'd hope for her to shoot Doug's ass free before he gets torn to shreds.

    Shooting Jolene:
    The woman is aiming a crossbow at me, what choice to I have? Take stupid chances? My group needs, me, she draws on me, she dies on me. I'd shoot her.

    Killing Larry:
    Order Kenny to hold the salt lick ready, for the worst case scenario.
    Try cpr for so long, if possible wrap a shirt or something around Larry's mouth like a bandana, so he couldn't bite, at least not right away.

    Killing the Saint Johns:
    Not if I had a kid with me, no need for such cruelty, if they'd die anyways. Danny was no menace any more. And Andy? He was done for, surrounded by walkers, he'd die anyways.

    Taking from the station wagon?:
    Yes. If you need it so badly, you don't take chances leaving it in a open car in some forest. You could at least have hidden it, or locked the car. At least pretend you give a shit about your supplies Campman. His people need it, but so do mine.

    Shooting girl in the streets?:
    No, she's dead anyways. She'll have to go through some pain, but then it'll be over. No need getting ourselfes killed over mercy. (If she wasn't bitten already, I'd have helped her of course...)

    Leaving Lilly?:
    You bet, to hell with her.
    (Take Carley's body with us, to give her a proper burial, if there's enough time)

    Zombie Duck?:
    Do it for Kenny, take the body with us, to give him a proper burial, if there's enough time.

    Boy in the attic:
    Stab him, with one good, clean hit.

    Bell tower:
    Save him.

    Remove arm?:
    No, don't have the guts to do that...

    Killing the stranger?:
    Yes, even if I'm doomed to die, that psycho won't get her, who knows if he gets stupid ideas? That guy doesn't seem like a trustworthy person to leave your daughter with, even more so, since he got his own two kids killed. No, thanks. Better send her on the way alone, give her some instructions, even sacrifice myself for her, to draw the horde's attention away.

    Either do the sacrifice thing, or take that gun myself and shoot myself. Or turn, but don't ask such a thing of her. I'd care way more about her, than about myself. I'm done, I'll turn, but it won't be me anyways.
  • I played the game exactly as I would have in reality. I might have made a few compromises here and there, but overall Lee's journey was my journey as well. I wouldn't have it any other way.
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