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Clementine's Best Lines

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I decided that since SonnyN18 did Lee's best lines then let's do other characters best lines too. What were your faverotie lines from Clementine and why? Also SonnyN18 I hope you don't mind me doing this thread and I hope you don't think I'm copying. I'll also be doing a thread about Kenny's best lines soon.
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  • Lee: Did you lick it?
    Clem: I don't know...
    (Because that one was just hillarious)

    Clem: *Points finger* Beee careful! (Voice like a concerned parent)
    Lee: I'm supposed to tell you that *grin*
    (This one too)

    Clem: Except this time... we're the cookies...

    Ending scene:
    Clem: (Pale, fading voice) Please don't go...
    (This one was touching, in fact when this line came I lost it, and started crying...)

    That's as much as I remember. But I'm sure I forgot quite some.

    Btw. if you don't mind me asking: What were your favourite lines and why @Initial poster? :)
  • The previous posters two also I just find it funny when Lee is asking about chalk. She says the pink is missing and goes "You want Blue"which I found funny.
    "Eeeeeyy" When She fires the gun.
    The line that is the most depressing would be "Its horrible... first my parents and now you. Please DONT become a walker'
  • Ok I forgot to mention my favourite lines thanks for remaining me.

    Clem: Like sh*t right Lee
    (That made me burst out laughing)

    Clem: Menure
    Duck: What's that?
    Clem: Doddie
    (This made me laugh but not as much as her saying sh*t)

    And the ones you mention I also like. What do you mean intitial poster? sorry I have no idea what your talking about.
  • That means the guy who made the first post (opened the thread) Or does it not? Uh I'm not so sure myself, I'm no native english speaker, so sorry if what I said doesn't make any sense :o :)
  • Duck: Hmm it smells funny in here..
    Clem: Like shit, right Lee?
    Clem: I want you to stay lucky too. (awww moment)
    Clem: You're leaving me with BEN!?
    Lee: I'm leaving him with YOU.
    Clem: Ohhhhhhh...ok
    Lee: Holy Shit.
    Clem: Swear.
    Lee: Did you lick it?
    Clem: I don't know
    Lee: Did Duck break it?
    Clem: I don't think so, he's just always blaming me for stuff..
    Lee: Like what?
    Clem: Putting a bug on his pillow
    Lee: Did you do it?
    Clem: .....Yes.
  • Clem: Do you know how to do this?
    Lee: Nope, no idea.
    Clem: I'm gonna look like a boy...
    Clem: When I saw you near my treehouse that day, I thought about dropping a hammer on your head.
    Lee: That's nice.
    Clem: I didn't though.
    Clem: I miss my dad... (Never got this line, but I got so saddened by it)
    Lee: I know I'm not your dad, but if you need anything, I'm your guy.
    Clem: Okay, same.
    Lee: *raised eyebrow* You're my guy?
    Clem: NO! I mean... you know.
    Lee: We're going to look after each other.
    Clem: Yeah.
  • Clem: ''Except this time... we're the cookies... ''(where is this scene from ZeroShoot?

    the 'swear' moments are too cute beyond words,and the bug /salt lick dialouge showing shes got a playful charm too,very awesome
  • it's not what clem says (as most of my faves have been covered lol it's more how she looks/expressions in these moments that get me like when 'lee stops her eating 'mark meat' or when she stands there looking at you when she says 'i don't know'

    the way she looks when lee is cutting her hair.. or when she see's the walker behind lee in the garage/train station...
  • All of them.

    Beat that, other forum goers.
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