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Who cut off your arm?

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Has someone made a thread like this before if they have I apologise. So if you chose to cut off your arm then who did it. If you show the bite and bring Christa and Omid, Christa will do it, if you bring the whole group or the group without Ben then Kenny will chicken out both times so again Christa will do it. If you hide the bite and bring Ben he will chicken out and you have to do it yourself. I find it funny that Ben fainted I don't know why it was just funny. If you bring Kenny he will do it. If you bring Kenny and Ben then Kenny will do it. If you go alone then you of course cut your own arm off. I hid the bite and at first I brought Kenny and Ben but Ben was use less so I rewinded and only brought Kenny so he cut my arm off both times anyway. Did you show or hide the bite, who did you bring, did you decide to cut your arm off and who did it?
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  • I was honest about the bite, and I knew it was too late so I kept the arm. If he was gonna die anyways I didn't want Lee to suffer that much pain for no reason, plus only having one hand sucks even if it looks badass.
  • Probably someone already has made a thread like this, but good thing you did one too, so the newcomers to the forums can get their chance to say something, without first having to dig through hundreds of old threads.

    Uhmm... anyways back to topic:
    I'm the guy to hold onto whatever little bit of hope there is, I didn't even want to survive for Lee's sake but for Clem, because hands down... No one can protect her like we, the player as Lee can. So I said "Fuck it, cut it off..." Before that I revealed the bite, because there's no point in conceiling it, they'll find out anyways. Christa did it for me, I had everyone with me except for the deceased Ben (Crawford decision).
  • I told them about the bite, and everyone went with me. Christa cut off the arm, and Kenny kinda just watched xD "It was easier when he was out..."
  • I kept the arm, because I knew it was too late.

    But if I had cut if off, I would have wanted Kenny to do it, for this little gem I found in the playthrough where I DID cut if off.

    *while the arm is being cut off*
    Kenny: Little late for that, pal!
  • I told them about the bite, everyone came with me, I chose to take the arm off because there was a small chance he could live, I wanted Kenny to do it but Christa did he, Kenny's face was priceless during the cutting.
  • Who cut off your arm?
    My another arm with surgical saw.
  • I have to say the goriest thing in The Walking Dead is if you cut your arm off when you are alone, I saw that on Youtube and it was difficult to watch.
  • I did that myself once, but I actually couldn't stop laughing. And when I got back to the group, I couldn't stop making hand jokes.
  • Yeah I saw Lee cut off his own arm on YouTube too. And telltale just had to make you click on your bleeding arm every time Lee was in pain and needed to continue sawing though it.
  • What kind of hand jokes were you making Rock114?
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