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Episode 5 Crashes!!! No TellTale response to email. Twice!

posted by Elraen on - last edited - Viewed by 460 users
In the morgue at the very start of the game episode 5.
I go to the far right cupboards to find a way out as everyone else watches out for the door we came in from.

Clicking on either of those two cupboards will stop the game. Screen turns black and I get thrown out into my Ipad2 main screen. What I would call the desktop screen.

This always happens.

Anyone else have solutions for this?
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  • I had that issue with episode 4 and just ended up uninstalling and reinstalling it. That worked but it sucks because I lost all my previous game play and had to start with randomly generated choices.
  • really? that's so very unappreciated.
    The product is paid for. Tell Tale should at least respond to this.
    They are being very rude and unwelcoming.
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