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Is it just me who took an automatic dislike to Duck?

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I felt kind of bad that I could dislike a poor defensless little kid and not have a reason to back it up. I even kind of felt slightly ok that he turned into a walker and got shot in the head by his dad. I finished the game and watched Toy Story with my niece the day after.

I now know why I hated Duck so much. He is literally the identical twin of that evil shit that is known to all of us as Sid.
Did anyone else feel this way towards him or was it just my crazy deluded brain?
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  • I honestly am not of fan of children in games since they are mostly annoying but for some reason I just did not hate Duck, and he was similar to the type of child that annoys,and do not get me wrong I don't hate kids it's just game children just annoy me more then real life, I guess he reminds me of my self when I was younger.
  • I dont know how TTG thought we were going to immediately warm up to Duck when he inadvertantly kills the person who saved us from certain death and gets us kicked from the 1st safe haven we find in the game. Not the best 1st impression and immediately the kid struck me as a dim bulb and trouble in the upcoming Eps- but kids are kids so I didnt hold it against him
  • It was not a happy intro for him but he was Clem's friend so I guess I could not hate him as everything the great Clementine likes is liked by me, which got me into trouble at a few points.
  • I didn't dislike Duck, but he does essentially lead to the death of Shawn, a guy who seems to take an instant liking to Lee.

    Mind you, the fact not a single one of the adults in the area mentioned that sticking a hyperactive child behind the wheel of a piece of heavy machinery might be a bad idea means it probably wasn't entirely down to him.

    He definitely redeems himself in Episode 3 and his death was a real surprise to me, one of the saddest moments in the game. It didn't help that I assumed he had infant immortality.
  • Everyone I've gotten to play the game and those I've watched play via YouTube have hated Duck from day 1, save for one. I myself liked him immensely upon introduction- I thought he was rather cute, if dumb.

    Just going to throw this out there - Duck gets a lot of hate for the tractor scene especially, but consider the fact that Shawn had to have either left the keys in the tractor or left it on for the whole thing to have even happened. Not exactly the smartest.
  • The Duck thinks you're totally awesome pop-up was awesome
  • I definitely liked him a lot more after he helped me find out if anyone had stolen medical supplies in the group even though I didn't accept his help but I wouldn't say I hated him or anything before that. If there was anything hindering our relationship it was my decision to save Shawn instead of him in the first episode.
  • I'll admit I don't really like kids, especially the obnoxious ones like Duck, but I still chose to save him over Shawn and I was nice to him. Even when I wanted to use him as zombie bait. Truthfully, I wasn't sad at all when he died. I felt sorry for his parents, but earlier at the motel, I remember wishing he would leave me alone. I know that sounds bad, but I like Clementine.
  • At first I thought Lee, Carley, Clementine and Duck would survive season 1...
  • thats why they make duck, just like they make clem cute to make your mind like her, it didn't work for me because im not a sheep
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