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The Xbox One

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Little surprised no-one's talking about the XBox One, which was officially announced today.

And has a stupid name.

Really, there's a lot we could say about this console, but I'll just bullet-point the best bits.

- It's called the XBox One. Even though it's actually the third. *sigh*
- The controller is extremely similar to the 360s, with a better D-Pad and higher Home button.
- It comes with an updated Kinect... that the console WILL NOT FUCTION WITHOUT.
- It won't be backwards compatible. With anything. 360 games, XBLA games, nothing. *facepalm*
- Playing a used game? You'll be charged a fee to do so.

In short - fail. The used games thing is perhaps the biggest kick in the teeth, and it's going to ruin this console.

EDIT: Oh, you're all talking about it in the "Whatever's On Your Mind" thread. Well, whatever.
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  • LuigiHann;801590 said:

    hope this guy doesn't mind hotlinking
    what no johnny mnemonic ?
    St_Eddie;801593 said:
    Slowly and sensuously?
    doesn't sound like bill gates... hard, fast full of bugs and rapey is more his i hear.. not from any or my experience.. as my ass is still pure..

    ok i think the picking on milo being a bit of fanboi has derailed this thread long enough ?

    so...the qte's on ryse by crytek... seems a bit ott..
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    St_Eddie;801593 said:
    Slowly and sensuously?
    Enough. Thanks. Gotta keep SOME order here. :o
  • St_Eddie;801593 said:
    Slowly and sensuously?
    Just let it happen, it’ll be over soon
  • coolsome;801611 said:
    Just let it happen, it’ll be over soon
    No. NO. Not that.
  • Milosuperspesh;801529 said:
    yes it does... oh look the ps4 will need a 'kinect v1.4 ps4 eyetoy' but it's seperate...oh look the wands are back..

    oh look now they say the ps plus is mandatory for online play ooh look that what the xbox 360 had...

    yeah.. for certain games they will be needed.... extra cost which for those who haven't already got them../need the upgraded versions..

    yeah they'll be spending about the same...

    but what ever...
    Yes, the PS Move would bring the overall price point up, but it's not required. It doesn't make the barrier to entry for the console in general that much higher--it's just an optional peripheral.

    real problem is:
    1) The XBone forces you to check online every 24 hours to make sure your games are legit;

    2) Disc-based XBone games are worthless because the disc is tied to your XBox Live account anyway;

    3) Buying used games is pointless because there are fees incurred by the buyer which will likely bring the used game's total price up to day-one retail new-game price anyway;

    4) When Microsoft's servers are down, or the XBone is no longer supported, your console will not work within 24 hours of it happening. Period;

    5) The Kinect is always watching and/or listening by default, and you mark my words, setting the Kinect to be turned off without accidentally turning off the console instead will likely be buried in a settings menu somewhere obscure;

    6) They are setting a higher initial price point just to force features on the consumer that nobody cares about, like being able to change TV channels with your voice...

    and more.

    Also, putting tape on an infrared camera won't work because the tape likely would not block infrared light.
  • coolsome;801611 said:
    Just let it happen, it’ll be over soon
    You don't know how many times I've been told THAT!
  • If I had to pick between PS Move and Kinect I will pick PS Move. At least Move has some decent games that can play with it. Resistance 3, InFamous 2, inFamous Festival of Blood, LBP Karting. Kinect on the other hand has made mockery with a range of games including Sonic (Sonic Free Riders), and even though I have not played any Dragonball games but I do got the second and third fighting game of it on PS2. Dragonball Z for Kinect which i seen on Angry Joe and more.

    Also I'm not going to buy a console that looks like its going to be a piece of shit. Why should I be punished if I bought a pre owned game? Why should I be punished if my Internet goes off and the Xbox One won't turn on. Oh and lets not mention Mr.Kinect that always stays on and almost no one wants it. Also it barely has any good exclusives and tries to one up PS Plus by offering Gold members 2 free 4 year old games.

    Sony on the other hand has better exclusives, inFamous,Killzone,Kingdom Hearts 3,Knack, Drive Club. You can play PS4 games on Vita,none of bs Microsoft is doing to try get more money and on top of all that its cheaper than the Xbox One.
  • It's such a shame that Microsoft has chosen to go this route. I mean, if they weren't being assholes about it, the hardware is pretty cool, especially the improvements to the Kinect. Now more or less nothing will cause me to actually purchase one, but I'm still kinda fantasizing about hooking up a Kinect to the 3D printer in lab (Replicator 2x) and pretending like I'm in TNG. It would be an expensive way to get kicks for a few hours, but well worth it. I think.
  • Have you ever been tempted to make LeChuck figures with the 3D printer or other obscure characters who will never get a toy release.
  • coolsome;801710 said:
    Have you ever been tempted to make LeChuck figures with the 3D printer or other obscure characters who will never get a toy release. Laserschwert did some impressive ones a while back
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