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DLC characters

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Ok so its obvious theres 5 characters for 400 days. So for season 2 well i figured maybe Telltale will make us choose one of the 5 characters vince, russel, bonnie etc. so do you think telltale will do that, or a new character, or even the 5 people thing. Me personally i would preffer just one character but what do you think?
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  • I personally prefer it if they stuck with the five people theme, to give us more of an experience.
  • maybe Telltale will make us choose one of the 5 characters vince, russel, bonnie etc.

    Are you saying, make us choose "who to save" from that DLC? I don't think it'll work like that. I think 3 of those characters will die no matter what and TT already knows who those people are. Maybe there will be a part in this new episode where 2 of the 5 characters will be in a situation of life or death and we get to pick who to save, that would be cool.
  • Like, choose, as in, Telltale will choose one of the 400 days characters to be the protagonist of Season 2? That's what I thought it meant, but I don't think we'll be able to choose whichever of the 5 we prefer to play as, because something tells me that all but two of these folks are going to bite the dust.
  • I personally like the idea of us choosing. I'm all for Russell being the PC in season 2.

    But I doubt that there would be 5 different scripts of season 2, each with a different player character. There's probably pre-determined characters that survive.
  • I want to play as Russell. His teaser photo suggests he may have been Lee Everetts student maybe?
  • If I really like one of the characters, then I would want to keep them for season 2. On the other hand if I don't really connect with them, then I would just prefer a new character all together.
  • What if it cones down to picking them in the game. We pick one to play ass and have a 4 way choice.
  • I decided a new character or old from season 1 should be PC. I think these 5 will build on the past, give us some entertainment, and then be wiped out. The real person to be the protagonist is the guy putting their names on that board, calling them missing. He/she seems to know a lot about what's going on, and if not seems to be doing well with surviving.
  • Either one of the 5 characters or a new one.But I firmly believe that in season 2 you should only play as one protagonist,changing between more then one cheapens the story for me and makes it very hard to connect to the character.It's ok for 400 days becauses thats just a DLC one Standalone episode.But for Season 2 you should only play as one character
  • 5 characters, the good, the bad, the silly, the traitor and the beautiful. The miller's tale, the boy and the donkey?
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