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DLC characters

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Ok so its obvious theres 5 characters for 400 days. So for season 2 well i figured maybe Telltale will make us choose one of the 5 characters vince, russel, bonnie etc. so do you think telltale will do that, or a new character, or even the 5 people thing. Me personally i would preffer just one character but what do you think?
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  • I bet you $100 that the dude who was shooting that gun will be one of the survivors. He's like the only one with a unique model haha.
  • I wonder if any of the characters we see in 400 Days will be one or both of the shadows on the hill?
  • I'm guessing Russel and Bonnie will live.
  • I hope all of them will live. I think they will be the core group in the season and Telltale will either select one of them to be the main character or create another one.

    P.S: Am I the only one that thinks that only a couple of them will be together when seaon 2 starts and that they will meet the others in further episodes?
  • I'm actually fine with playing as any of the characters. (And I don't know where you guys got these names, save Russel)

    The bearded driver seems smart.
    "Russel" seems like the everyman.
    Green shirt lady seems cool too.
    I'm "meh" about the other girl, but what the heck.
    And the prisoner seems like a second Lee Everett.
  • Go to Telltale's 400 days section. Talks about the five main characters. Also, they were talked about in the videos. Also on Telltale's Vine site. You can find a lot of it around the forums.
  • Are you saying, make us choose "who to save" from that DLC? I don't think it'll work like that. I think 3 of those characters will die no matter what and TT already knows who those people are. Maybe there will be a part in this new episode where 2 of the 5 characters will be in a situation of life or death and we get to pick who to save, that would be cool.

    They said in the gameplay demo all 5 protagonists make it out.
  • I think Russel, Shel & Bonnie will survive. Then we have Clementine, Christa (pregnant) & Omid. Perfect group. :D
  • With the popularity of Russell, I really think he's going to be killed off. Or have some unredeemable character flaw.
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