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400 Days Trailer

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Well, I figure since there might be people out there who don't want 400 Days spoiled in any way, we should make a thread for potential theories based on the trailer in the Spoilers forum.
(Link to the trailer:

We'll start off with the potential return of Kenny.

It's blurry, no doubt. But there were a few people speculating the truck driver could be Kenny. I'm not entirely convinced, since it seems like a few of these stories are from the start of the apocalypse. If that's the case, it doesn't make sense for Kenny to be there.

On top of that, Russel seems like he's in pretty good shape despite the end of the world. His clothes are still in decent repair, he has no stubble to speak of. There are still a few corpses lying around, but I'd guess this is fairly early into things. Then there's the logistics of Kenny getting a working truck after what he's been through, and in Savanna of all places. We're lead to believe the scavengers in Crawford dismantled pretty much every vehicle they could get their hands on, so Kenny would have to get pretty far from there to find a working vehicle.

However, assuming that not all of the stories are in the same timeframe, and ignoring the other details entirely, there's that small chance that Kenny escaped and found a decent truck. The odds aren't in his favor, but if anyone can do it, it's Kenny. Thoughts or other ideas?

Edit: If you find the image too small, the time in the trailer when the truck appears is ~37-38 seconds.
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  • The truck driver MIGHT be Kenny, but I'm not holding my breath. Since each of the five characters had their own day , like Day 2, or Day 184, or whatever the days were, then since there are five stories, I'd assume that we control each of the five characters on their day. Since these days range from 2 all the way to 400, which is more than a year after the apocalypse, seeing characters from Season 1 aside from Clive and Boyd is definitely a possibility.

    And, considering that Episodes 3-5 all took place around 3 1/2 months after the beginning, we might see some familiar faces depending on what the days are and get some closure. Like others have said before, since the story is based around that gas station, one of the days is Day 2, and we know that Duck got grabbed at one, there's a chance we'll get to see that happen. Here's hoping other background events from Season 1 are explored upon. On a side note, I think it's cool that they took two extremely minor characters like Boyd and Clive and put them in this. Can't wait to see what those two crazy cats are up to!
  • So am i right in the assumption that 400 days takes place over the name dropped 400 days? If so the two survivors would be a little late in meeting Clem in the field if she's been there for 10 months.

    A few hints that there could be season one references. Little frustrating that we can't get clearer pictures of some of the moments in that trailer.

    Is that the road Carley/Doug died on? It looks like it and the corpse could be Doug, but if that's the case then where's the walker?

    Kenny? Very hard to see anything of the truck driver. Could be Kenny, since it looks vaguely like him, but if that is the same road we've seen before then what is Kenny doing heading back to the motel by himself (having covered serious ground to get that far) I'd approach that idea with a lot of caution.

    Only other thing i can read from the trailer is that it will be fantastic.
  • It's important to remember that this episode timeline goes as far as 400 days,so thats about a year and a third into the ZA, at the end of Episode 5 the timeline was about 3 and a half months into the ZA so about 110-120 days, that leaves pretty much a year after the events of episode 5 so if Kenny survived we could see him months later after Savannah. I think that 2 out of the 5 or at Least 1 will be the people Clem see's on the Hill.
  • I wonder if our choices will impact Kenny's survival. For example, keeping Ben alive or not, and if you talk to him kindly or tell him to com back, or agree with him. I think it will be, for I recently noticed if you save Ben, gave Kenny bullets, and said you'd go, then you climb up the ladder while he fires MULTIPLE shots, so I'm guessing either he made it farther or killed himself. Any other time you give him extra bullets, I only heard one shot.

    We shall see! And I saw what looked like Carley's vest; I could be wrong though...
  • Lots of Kenny speculation, good to see! Although I doubt he'll have any major part in the DLC, if any. What interests me more and more, the more I think about it , is actually the two Cancer Survivors. What, exactly, happened to cause them to wind up at that gas station with no boat?
  • Someone stole Carley's jacket (0:40)!!
  • Not just Boyd and Clive are in the DLC. Joyce is in it as well. Which reminds me...where did Vernon go? He couldn't have just ditched his group and gone to the coast. It seems as if he died shortly after the events of episode 5.

    And the truck driver is not Kenny, but some random drunk guy. Interestingly enough, the truck that Russell and the drunk guy are in looks to be chasing Wyatt's truck.

    Here's the link to an interview/some new footage:
  • The brunette woman with the bangs slightly resembles Lori from the TV show
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