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The Xbox One

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Little surprised no-one's talking about the XBox One, which was officially announced today.

And has a stupid name.

Really, there's a lot we could say about this console, but I'll just bullet-point the best bits.

- It's called the XBox One. Even though it's actually the third. *sigh*
- The controller is extremely similar to the 360s, with a better D-Pad and higher Home button.
- It comes with an updated Kinect... that the console WILL NOT FUCTION WITHOUT.
- It won't be backwards compatible. With anything. 360 games, XBLA games, nothing. *facepalm*
- Playing a used game? You'll be charged a fee to do so.

In short - fail. The used games thing is perhaps the biggest kick in the teeth, and it's going to ruin this console.

EDIT: Oh, you're all talking about it in the "Whatever's On Your Mind" thread. Well, whatever.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Hey, it's not like you'd want to have the console. ;)
  • Hey, it's not like you'd want to have the console. ;)

    Yeah but still its a big disrespect to all the nations that arent included and the xbox one is a spit in the face of gamers and i hope they only sell 5 consoles and those 5 people are all from microsoft
  • I'm still pissed off that Microsoft actually went to a Nintendo event and bad mouthed Wii U and tried to get everyone to come play their good for nothing piece of shit excuse for a console. Microsoft let me tell you something right here and now. Wii U will always be better than Xbox One. You try to rip people off. Basically make it so people don't actually buy a game and just the license to play a game. You bring one of the biggest mistakes from Games called always online DRM because it failed on 2 games that used it (Sim City & Diablo 3) and base a whole console around it and you think you have any right to go and bad mouth any console.

    Microsoft you've made asses of yourselves. I know it may not be true but with the recent rumors regarding Microsoft and what they've done so far, I believe its very possible for them to be doing this. That's all i think of saying.....except this......How dare they....How dare you go to someone else's event which has nothing to do with you in the slightest and then you sit and insult and bad mouth? Microsoft, Xbox One is the one that deserves to be bad mouthed and it should for extremely good reason. The console is making all the mistakes. Microsoft is rumored to be trying the lowest ways to try and make Xbox One look even a tiny little bit good and if its true then i feel Xbox One should fail.
  • The core problem here, and the one that analysts and critics trying to sound smart will happily point out, is that Microsoft is putting companies above consumers, which is the exact opposite of how this industry needs to be.

    Almost every single 'innovation' that the XBone has is designed to benefit the publishers and punish the individual customers. And the end result is that, outside of the fanboys who will refuse to listen to any well-argued criticism against their beloved Micro$$$oft or teh Haloz, people will abandon this anti-consumer console and instead purchase one that is not only pro-consumer (or at least, is perceived to be pro-consumer) but also cheaper. Sounds obvious, but people DO speak with their wallets.

    I could run down every single stupid, pro-publisher feature of the XBone, but I don't need to because everyone else has already done it and at the end of the day, I can sum up the entire situation with one simple statement.

    People buy video game consoles... to play video games. Anything that gets between people and those games is going to be despised. And that's why the XBone fails. It gets between YOU... and the game.

    (Those asterisks are actually what happened when I typed Microsoft with a $. ********** See? And yet, you can use three $ and it works fine. Weird...)
  • Wow. That's really optimistic. Unless they're going to release an Xbox None or something where they remove all the bullshit, I'll be surprised if they can even match the Xbox 360 numbers, let alone hit a billion.
  • **********. Really?
    EDIT:Oh.... k
  • coolsome wrote: »
    That's absurd. The current generation hasn't even reached half a billion, why the hell do they think the next-gen will reach a whole one?

    I don't know what Microsoft have been smoking lately but seriously - someone send them to rehab!
  • I think Microsoft is speaking one load of shit. I would say they would be lucky if they could get up to the number of the 360. What's worse is that what happens when the fanboys find out about the bs for themselves?
  • A billion units is like saying 1 unit per every 7 people on the entire planet.

    I've taken an Intro to Marketing class in college, and you can't just assume you'll strike it rich by saying your target market is everybody. You have to provide your product or service with a particular demographic in mind.

    You can't claim to target both middle-class American households with TV-integration and Generations X and Y's gamers by offering Halo and Call of Duty at the same time, when the price point is nowhere near reasonable for said households and the game DRM restrictions are nowhere near appealing for said gamers.

    In other words, there are name-brand TV tuners and home theatre setups which are cheaper than the XBone; and there are games on PS4 which are either exactly the same game or else highly similar which do not restrict the gamer like the XBone does.

    So, by targeting everybody at the same time they are in fact targeting nobody at all.
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