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Do you love or hate Kenny ?

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Ok theres been alot of controversy surounding Kenny some people Love him (like me) and some people hate him (like my brother) so ive created this poll so we have some oficial results his he hated or loved amongst fans ?
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  • Yes it is negative if you make him do both. So I have come to the conclusion that it was probably Kenny shooting Duck that caused Kenny to hate me. It's a small hunch.
  • You might want to try that, if that works that may have been the problem.
  • I was in episode one but when he killed Lilly's dad, stealing from the car, leaving me to die again and again, saying we should leave ben and most of all not helping me save a nine year old girl just because me an him didn't get along. yeah sure some of the cruel stuff he did was justified but nothing justified leaving clem in danger because we had a lot of fights
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;799623 said:
    You might want to try that, if that works that may have been the problem.
    I would if game hadn't been deleted and now I can't re open it or download it again. Anyway thanks for the help trying to figure out why Kenny didn't give me the bro speech. Thanks to you to Rock114
  • silverpython14;799686 said:
    most of all not helping me save a nine year old girl just because me an him didn't get along.
    Well, quite. I think that was a little out of character though.

    Across the whole series he was completely unpredictable, veering from gung-ho to cowardly at the drop of a hat and having violent emotional outbursts about stuff he wouldn't hesitate to do himself.

    I had a reasonably positive view of him until I came to think about it from the perspective of a whole series. Mostly he's too unstable for likability to matter, and by the time I had nobody else but Omid and Christa they were really making him look bad with their easy-going nature and collected reliability.
  • Kenny is the ultimate bro.
  • Rock114;799369 said:
    I can't say I'd understand Kenny leaving Lee to die over a grudge, because I wouldn't do that. That is a negative aspect of Kenny, but it's one of the things that makes him human. It's a flaw. Kenny is a flawed man, which is what makes him so realistic and a great character. Always putting his family ahead is his failing, and it's too bad he didn't realize that himself until after they'd died. Hell, I even got pissed at him for the first half of Episode 3 because he was remorseless over what he and I did to Larry. I left the food in the car and shot the girl in the street just because he would disagree. He never even thought of Lilly's feelings about what happened, which is one of the few things I actually dislike about him.

    Though I agree he is a well written and fantastic character! I feel that his character arc was second only to those of Lee and Clem, and I really hope that he made it out okay.
    I feel he didn't help you in episode 2 is because as Lee throughout the months at the motel Kenny and Lilly fight over how things should be handled, and so you are the tie-breaker. Kenny sees you as his right-hand man, and his friend, and so he looks to you for support. When the meat locker situation goes down, you could have been sitting on the fence or not, it doesn't matter. When the time comes to make the choice, he expects you to side with him, for although it might not be the 'moral' choice, it is the right thing to do in the situation.

    If you side with Lilly, I would probably leave you too if I was Kenny. Think for a second from Kenny's eyes: Your one true friend from this apocalypse, who you saved back at the drugstore even if he was against you, was now putting everyone in the locker at risk, as well as wasting valuable time that could get everyone killed anyway, especially your wife and child who you care about more than yourself. Not to mention it is the same guy who tried to kill your son earlier, and that tried to kill Lee as well. Also, when you needed him most to help you to save everyone, he goes against you to help a woman he hates, a man he hates, and possibly get himself killed from Larry who could turn.

    So yeah, I'd be pissed, especially when you don't feel anything wrong with it. What if Larry turned? What if the time you wasted reviving the old man gave the St. Johns (Who were just coming for everyone when you escaped) enough time to stop the escape plan? What if that wasn't the case, but Larry was now stationary, ill, and unfit to move in the middle of a bad storm and with the horde of zombies coming?

    Had Kenny not 'killed' Larry, there is little chance the group would have made it out alive. Either someone would have been killed getting Larry out, Larry would have died from the walkers overrunning the farm, the St John's would have reached them before they could surprise them, or simply Larry would have eaten them all.

    I don't agree with Kenny leaving Lee for dead, but in truth I can't say I can argue it. The man had some reasoning, even if he wasn't smart enough to see it.
  • I'm not saying what Kenny did in the meat locker was wrong, because I agreed with him at the last minute. Especially looking back, I realize that while helping Kenny may not have been the nice thing to do, it was the smart thing. I helped him, and he saved my life from Danny. Then again in the drug store in Episode 3. Him leaving Lee isn't right though. In that scenario, he tells Lee that he will have his back, and that he will step in and help if he is needed. That was Kenny's plan. Then Kenny leaves Lee when Lee expects Kenny to help him, which he expects because that's what Kenny said he would do. Just doing that because Lee didn't agree on a morally ambiguous situation is wrong.

    If he had stepped in and saved Lee from Danny because Lee had been there for Kat and Duck earlier, but gave Lee a big "Fuck you" on the way back to the motel, I'd be fine with that. If he'd just said "I helped you this time, but that was for Kat and Duck. When I needed you, you were ready to fucking let us all die by trying to save that bastard. Next time you need help, you're on your own, jackass." But he just left Lee hanging after explicitly telling him he would help him. That's not cool, no matter the circumstances.
  • I kinda find it funny how during the seasons run, people where always complaining about Kenny and how they dislike him just cause he instantly hates you for not siding with him 100% which is why I hate him and always will. I'm glad he's dead, or atleast hope he is.
  • I'm still terrified that Telltale is only going to bring Kenny back in season 2 as a zombie, and then put you into a situation where you'd be forced to kill him, just for the hell of it.

    IMO, that would go way beyond "surprising" the player. That would be sadism, plain and simple; a cruel moment added merely to twist the knife. :(
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