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What made you join the forums?

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What is the reason you joined the Telltail family? I joined after Episode 3 because I wanted to know peoples thoughts about the events in game. Note, I have been reading since Episode 3, I joined today.
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  • i wanted to know where will be season 2 ^^
  • Why'd I join this forum? Easy, cause I wanted my opinions to be heard and understood. Hey all, I'm still among you fellow chatters. Just for everyone to know, I finished the game and I'd admit, It Was Something.
  • I need to protect Ben from critics.
  • I loved the game and joined the forums thinking - "Well there's probably not that many fans that dedicated, but I could talk to some people- Oh wait there's an entire fanbase just on the forums? KACHING!"

    Yep, that's it.
  • I joined as I wanted to discuss some things with people,you know see their point of view on a subject,listen to their ideas for the next episode,or now season 2,and the interim.
  • Because it's epic.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Tales of Monkey Island. :)
  • I actually joined the forums after the first season had ended. I found myself frequently visiting to see what other people’s thoughts on the game were and ended up signing up to give mine as well.
  • i actually joined the forum (just after episode 2 release) to complain that the differences in making opposite choices lead to the same outcome, but i decided to read the forums a bit first before i commented and realised it had been mentioned and i calmed down a bit about it before just outright complaining and joined in on discussions about other things and had interesting conversations so i stayed.

    the good writing/acting of the game was always something i really liked about the game, so even though i joined to complain it wasn't to complain about everything just the choice system, which now i do see from a different perspective and can appreciate now that dialogue differences (because the dialogue is so good) is enough for the playthroughs to be different, it just took some getting used to because dialogue in games is usually so terrible that as a gamer you have to be able to ignore that aspect of a game because else most games would suck.
  • I do not speak English, okay. I joined at the end of Chapter 3, because the story was repeated as in the comic, which would be bad, TWD not happy ending, maybe could see a chance of a live where at least Clem and someone else, but finish equal TWD perhaps never have end.
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