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What would YOU have done?

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If the whole scenario of TWD was real, but it was you instead of Lee Everett, what choices might you have made - and what would you have done differently from your in-game choices?

Keep in mind that you could also pick a third option if you wanted to try one since this is real life and not a video game with only two choices.

Assuming I survived the beginning scene anyway - I don't know how to load a gun or shoot one, since I've never even seen one in real life, so I'd have to beat the police officer to death with the shotgun or just run - here are the choices I would have made:

Shawn or Duck: I would have saved Duck if I had to just choose one, as he is a child. But I would have tried to save both if I could have (going for Duck first, though.) (Saved Duck in-game)
Giving Irene the gun: I probably wouldn't give it to her, as I haven't seen anyone turn yet and wouldn't want anyone to just give up. (Gave her the gun in-game)
Doug or Carley: Doug's my favorite TWD character even though I've never saved him personally (seen him in Let's Plays,) and I'd also be less likely to just choose Carley because she was a girl because I'm also a girl. However, I think I would still save Carley because she could teach me how to shoot a gun later. If I could I would try to save them both - maybe send Clem with the ammo for Carley and pull the zombies off of Doug. (Saved Carley in-game)
Shooting Jolene: If I knew how to handle a gun by that point, I would probably shoot her myself, if only for fear of her shooting me. She had a crossbow pointed at me. (Did not shoot her in-game)
Killing Larry: I probably wouldn't be able to choose, but I would at least agree with Kenny verbally that he was right. I'm not sure I would be able to actually hold Lilly back, though. I'd probably tell him to do the deed while I shielded Clem from seeing it. (Killed Larry in-game)
Killing the St. Johns: I wouldn't have killed either, simply because I don't think I could have done it. Also, it would be more obvious that Clem was there in real life than it was in game, so I wouldn't want her to see. (Spared them in-game)
Stealing from the van: I would have stood with Clementine, or at least tried harder to explain to her that we needed the food. (Stole in-game)
Shooting the girl: I would have listened to Kenny and left her. I wouldn't want to waste the ammo, and she was dead anyway. (Did not shoot in-game)
Leaving Lilly: I would have left her. I would not let someone who had just proven she was willing to kill other humans without reason onto the same RV with Clementine and Duck. (Left her in-game)
Zombie Duck: I'd shoot him myself, or we would just leave him. It would be very horrible to shoot a child like that, but it would be more horrible for Kenny to have to do it. I might not volunteer until after Katjaa died though. (Shot Duck in-game)
Boy in the attic: I would have told Kenny he could do it. As much as it's horrible, I think he might need to do it to get any closure over Duck. (Shot Fivel myself in-game)
Ben in the bell tower: I would have pulled him up. Even if he was a liability, I couldn't let anyone die. (Dropped him in-game)
Removing arm: I would have cut it off, maybe even before we left for Vernon's place. It would probably be one of the first things I thought of, and even though it might make me take longer, it could give me more time to save Clem in the long run. (Cut it off in-game)
Killing the stranger: I would have let go of him before actually strangling him. Strangling him wouldn't have helped anyway, since its in the brain or nothing. (Let Clem shoot him in-game)
Deciding your fate: I'd have told Clementine to leave me. I'd like to say it would be because I want her to save the bullet - that would be what I'd tell her - but really I would just be too scared to die that way. At least leaving me, there's a chance maybe cutting my arm off worked (even though it didn't,) and I can just drift off to sleep. Besides, if I'm handcuffed, I won't be hurting anyone. (Had her shoot me in-game)
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  • Shawn or Duck?:
    Duck is a kid, I'd save him.

    Give Irene the gun?:
    Yes, with a bad feeling though. She was bitten, she'd turn, why go through that pain first? Why not end it right away?

    Carley or Doug:
    Carley, Doug was a nice guy, but... Carley can handle a gun, and personally I'd hope for her to shoot Doug's ass free before he gets torn to shreds.

    Shooting Jolene:
    The woman is aiming a crossbow at me, what choice to I have? Take stupid chances? My group needs, me, she draws on me, she dies on me. I'd shoot her.

    Killing Larry:
    Order Kenny to hold the salt lick ready, for the worst case scenario.
    Try cpr for so long, if possible wrap a shirt or something around Larry's mouth like a bandana, so he couldn't bite, at least not right away.

    Killing the Saint Johns:
    Not if I had a kid with me, no need for such cruelty, if they'd die anyways. Danny was no menace any more. And Andy? He was done for, surrounded by walkers, he'd die anyways.

    Taking from the station wagon?:
    Yes. If you need it so badly, you don't take chances leaving it in a open car in some forest. You could at least have hidden it, or locked the car. At least pretend you give a shit about your supplies Campman. His people need it, but so do mine.

    Shooting girl in the streets?:
    No, she's dead anyways. She'll have to go through some pain, but then it'll be over. No need getting ourselfes killed over mercy. (If she wasn't bitten already, I'd have helped her of course...)

    Leaving Lilly?:
    You bet, to hell with her.
    (Take Carley's body with us, to give her a proper burial, if there's enough time)

    Zombie Duck?:
    Do it for Kenny, take the body with us, to give him a proper burial, if there's enough time.

    Boy in the attic:
    Stab him, with one good, clean hit.

    Bell tower:
    Save him.

    Remove arm?:
    No, don't have the guts to do that...

    Killing the stranger?:
    Yes, even if I'm doomed to die, that psycho won't get her, who knows if he gets stupid ideas? That guy doesn't seem like a trustworthy person to leave your daughter with, even more so, since he got his own two kids killed. No, thanks. Better send her on the way alone, give her some instructions, even sacrifice myself for her, to draw the horde's attention away.

    Either do the sacrifice thing, or take that gun myself and shoot myself. Or turn, but don't ask such a thing of her. I'd care way more about her, than about myself. I'm done, I'll turn, but it won't be me anyways.
  • I played the game exactly as I would have in reality. I might have made a few compromises here and there, but overall Lee's journey was my journey as well. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • If it actually happened, I feel that the plans I'd have in my mind right now would be done rather than actually just crawling in a corner waiting. I'm sure everyone says that though so I don't know what saying that is worth :p

    Also if I met someone like Clem, I may not be as soft around the edges as Lee. I feel that if there's a child survivor, the sooner he/she can get hardened up and emotionally used to what's going on around them the better (without trying to put them in a suicidal depression I suppose...). It would be no time to try and act like the good father. I guess you could say I'm very much of Chuck's mindset in that regard.
    I feel the child may not like me as much :')

    Shawn or Duck: Duck as I did in game. If all chances for saving were equal, I'd want to do good to the family who's offering a ride. I feel one of my redeeming personality traits that would be helpful in a ZA is that I would be extremely loyal to my friends to the extent of saying 'my life would be theirs' (and hopefully vice versa), I'm not even exaggerating. No surprises that Kenny was the closest of bros to me in my playthrough.

    Giving Irene the gun: I didn't even consider the risk that she would be untrustworthy with the gun. Another matching choice here - I would absolutely give her the gun. I wouldn't be opposed to helping someone end their life at all in a situation like this. It would actually probably be relieving to know I helped someone not be in pain and misery. The only situation that would make me reconsider is if we were severely low on ammo. Man I wish this game had a bullet counter-downer...

    Doug or Carley: I won't lie, I may not think of obvious things that other could pick up on when faced with a snap decision. I would probably be like Lee and not even think to tell someone else to get the ammo. And I would do as I did in game and save Carley. I mean come on, she has the gun. Even under pressure I could remember that much ;)

    Shooting Jolene: I wouldn't kill her unless I felt I absolutely needed to. Although she was a bit mentally unstable, she didn't seem murderous at that moment, so I would likely try diplomacy and show I'm not dangerous. If she lost it more, I would have to take her out.

    Killing Larry: This risk however is too great. Especially when involving others. He's getting his head bashed, sorry >.>

    Killing the St. Johns: Obviously, I don't know what it's like to kill. It's easy in a game because we don't feel the plunge - or hear the piercing - of a pitchfork going into someone's chest. In game I killed both brothers. Real life - I actually don't know. If I knew they were both goners from invading zombies (which I didn't in game), I would likely leave both without killing.

    Stealing from the van: Yup, I would probably not hesitate to steal those supplies. I would just hope it's not a trap!

    Shooting the girl: I know my mind, and unfortunately in this case it would lack empathy. I would not shoot her. Sorry. I wouldn't try anything else either because it did indeed look like a helpless situation with the number of zombies there.

    Leaving Lilly: I would try and isolate her and possibly restrain her while she was losing it in the van. It wasn't going good. If it failed and she still managed to kill Carley anyway, I would indeed leave her. What use is she once she's killed one of our group and can no longer be trusted in the slightest?

    Zombie Duck: Real life - I would leave the decision completely up to the family and offer advice here and there. If they could not decide, I would fall on the unwritten rule of Old Yeller and tell one of the parents to do it. I agree with Katjaa when she says it's something the parent should do. I was surprised when I found I was in the minority. I thought Old Yeller had a more influential legacy! :p

    Boy in the attic: Yeah, I would do that one myself though. Making Kenny do it is just needlessly cruel.

    Ben in the bell tower: Dropped him in game, would drop in real life. Him asking me to drop him and letting go of my wrist would just concrete the decision.

    Removing arm: In game, I cut off the arm. However I am 110% absolutely positively SURE that in real life there is no way I would be able to have my arm cut off. I would rather be bitten, turn, come back, get bitten and turn again.

    Killing the stranger: I would stay diplomatic as long as I possibly could, but when it becomes clear he is dead set on hurting/killing me, I will try to take him out. If I needed help though I would ask Clem to do it.

    Deciding your fate:
    Oh boy. Okay truthfully... in a sense I would want to be left to turn for the chance that a cure would be found and I could live once more. :o However I wouldn't want to be in eternal pain and limbo as a zombie. Plus I feel getting Clem to shoot me would give her a sense of closure rather than traumatize her (well it may do one or the other - or both, but it's impossible to know). In game I had her shoot Lee as I felt it fitted with his character perfectly. In real life... I honestly can't tell at this stage. I would weigh up what I've seen and deduced in my final moments and see how hopeless things seem, and make my decision based on that.
  • sardines;800036 said:
    But... it doesn't, really. I didn't play the game acting like it was me; I played as Lee, knowing it was a video game and my wrong decisions could just be rewound or fixed. (I didn't ever rewind, but the option was there.) In real life, I really doubt someone would be as quick to punch zombies off of someone with their bare hands as Lee seems to be in the game - because it wouldn't be a video game. Likewise, letting someone shoot themselves wouldn't be as easy, either, if they were a real person and not some AI.

    Thanks for your input, RichWalk23! I think having to kill the only guardian she had left might haunt Clementine equally, but you're right that seeing them turn into a monster would be just as bad.
    Maybe it's different for everyone. I played it responding as similar to how i would actually do it if possible. That's what makes games fun for me(TWD especially), i try to immerse myself into the game's world and connect with its characters as much as possible to get the best experience.

    Sure you don't expect the average person to be able to do something like that, but that's because the average person has never experienced a zombie apocalypse. In that situation, if it comes down to it there will be 3 results: those who punch the zombie, those who run from the zombie, and those who die by the zombie. There will certainly be at least some people who punch the zombie.
  • the babysitter would have probably killed or bitten me (if i had been caught out like lee) if not

    Shawn or Duck: i would have saved duck

    Giving Irene the gun: i would have offered to shoot her myself

    Doug or Carley: i would have first tried to help carley because throwing her purse is easier than overpowering zombies

    Shooting Jolene: i probably wouldn't have shot her and i may have thanked dany st. john for saving my life and kind of ignored the intriguing tale she was telling

    Killing Larry: i would have agreed with kenny but i would have attempted to calm down/distract lilly rather than forcefully move her

    Killing the St. Johns: i wouldn't have killed them (locked them up), i couldn't have taken andy in a fight so i would have lost/died if nobody decided to help me, but i would have later returned to the farm to loot/take over the farm

    Stealing from the van: I'm hungry and there is free food, no question i would take it

    i would have chopped davids legg but may have been killed by zombie travis

    Shooting the girl: i couldn't do it even for mercy (unless we made eye contact and she seemed to give permission/asked to be killed)

    i would have told the group in full detail about my crime so they can make their own minds up about me

    Leaving Lilly: i would have let her stay and asked her not to leave then get thrown out of the RV by her before she steals it

    Zombie Duck:leave it to the parents to decide while at most giving a look saying i could help

    Boy in the attic:i would kill him if kenny had taken out duck

    Ben in the bell tower he wouldn't have finished his speech before i had told him to shut up and pulled him up

    Removing arm: not unless i had basically instantly thought of it and i would have needed help

    Killing the stranger: i would need to either kill him or be saved by clementine, else i would be dead

    Deciding your fate: i would have taken the opportunity to know what it was like turning into a zombie and asked clementine to leave me

    but basically any time Lee won a fight i may have lost so making it as far as lee doing the same things would be improbable, i would have most likely have stayed at clementines house and found food in the nearby houses and not ever met shawn

    or just ask yourself what would an older wiser less depressed Ben do in this situation and that is what i would do :)
  • Shawn or Duck: I would have saved Shawn because he was trapped under the tractor. I would hope Duck would be able to get out himself.
    Giving Irene the gun: Give gun. Lets her die quickly.
    Doug or Carley: Carley because she has a gun and seems more resourceful. Either way, in a realistic situation, a man must attempt to save the woman first.
    Shooting Jolene: Would shoot her because she had crossbow and seemed willing to use it.
    Killing Larry: Would attempt to save Larry. Clem was there too, so it would not be smart to kill him.
    Killing the St. Johns: Would probably have killed them because they were cannibals and were about to kill everyone
    Stealing from the van: Would've stolen the food. The car seemed abandoned and we were in need of food. Seemed logical to take it.
    Shooting the girl: Attempt to save girl. It would not be so easy for me to condemn a girl to death by leaving her, rather than attempting to save her. Even if it is beneficial for me.
    Leaving Lilly: I would have left her. She killed my favorite character and from Lee's point of view; his romantic interest.
    Zombie Duck: Would tell Kenny to do it. It is better for him to put down his own kid, like a farmer might put down his own dog.
    Boy in the attic: Because Kenny would have shot Duck, I would shoot Fivel.
    Ben in the bell tower: I would have pulled him up. Would never let anyone die like that.
    Removing arm: It would be a hard decision but I would cut off the arm assuming it might stop the infection.
    Killing the stranger: Would kill him. He tried to kill me and in a fight like that, you can't just walk away and spare someone.
    Deciding your fate: I would tell Clem to shoot me. Quicker death.
  • I would freeze up in a lot of decisions and probably stand there and do nothing. I would be a coward like Ben and probably f*** a lot of things up. So I have free time so I may as well make an input.

    Shawn or Duck: I would have saved Duck because I wasn't going to let him die because he's just a kid. (saved Duck in game)
    Giving Irene the gun: I would probably give her the gun so she didn't turn on us (didn't give Irene the gun in game)
    Carley or Doug: Carley she had a gun so she could protect me when I'm running for my life which would be often (saved Carley in game)
    Shooting Jolene: I would probably shoot her in case she used her crossbow on me but knowing me I'd probably miss the shot (didn't shoot Jolene in game)
    Killing Larry: I would stand there not knowing what to do and help neither of them (killed Larry in game)
    Killing the St. John's: I wouldn't kill them because I can't kill people even though they deserved it (didn't kill the St. John's in game)
    Stealing from the car: I would because huge supplies of food and medicine doesn't grow on trees or fall from the sky very often we would need it to survive (stole from car in game)
    Shoot the girl in the street: I'd probably try to save her or try to put her out her misery but miss the shot so end up leaving her (left her in game)
    Leaving Lilly: I would leave her she's a danger to the group (left her in game)
    Shooting Duck: Let Kenny do it Duck is his son and I barely know Duck, Kenny was there the moment he was born. (Kenny shot Duck in game)
    Boy in the attic: I would bash his head in with my monkey wrench because I don't want Kenny to do something like that twice (killed boy in attic in game)
    Ben in the bell tower: I'd probably drop him because I'd be to weak to pull him up. (Pulled Ben up in game)
    Removing arm: I wouldn't do it I'm to much of a pussy and I could die (cut arm off arm in game)
    Killing the stranger: I'd try to kill him but fail miserably so Clem would have to shoot him (killed stranger in game)
    Deciding your fate: I would tell Clem to shoot me because I don't want her to live with the guilt and I don't want to become a walker (let Clem shoot Lee in game)

    I'd be awful at survival in a zombie apocalypse and do the opposite to what I did in the game because I'm nothing like Lee.
  • I played the way I would if I had been Lee, so pretty much all of my choices would remain the same.
  • Shawn or Duck: I would have tried saving Shawn.

    Giving Irene the gun: I wouldn't give her the gun.

    Doug or Carley: I would have helped Carley.

    Shooting Jolene: I would have shot Jolene, however only if she was distracted. I don't trust a crazy woman pointing a gun at me.

    Killing Larry: I would try to give Larry CPR, even though I've never tried it and I've only seen it on TV.

    Killing the St. Johns: I couldn't bring myself to kill them, mainly because I would be in way too much shock and fear.

    Stealing from the van: No way I would agree to taking it.

    Chopping off Davids Leg: I would try to chop it off.

    Shooting the girl: I would leave her, unfortunately. I would however come out to it to the group.

    Leaving Lilly: Whilst I would be in shock and fear, there is no way I would leave her behind.

    Duck: I would shoot Duck.

    Boy in the attic: I would kill him.

    Saving/Leaving Ben: I would try to pull Ben up, however if I couldn't I would say my goodbyes and drop him.

    Removing arm: Nope.

    Killing the stranger: I wouldn't kill the Stranger. So Clementine would save me.

    Deciding your fate: I would have told Clementine to shoot me.
  • Shawn or Duck: I would go after the child first, maybe order everyone else to help push the tractor at the same time as me saving Duck so maybe Shawn could escape on his own.
    Giving Irene the gun: Honestly, why not? It is her choice and I mean, I wouldn't judge her at all especially if it was that fucked up scenario. On second thought, it would be wasting ammo and unnecessary noise. (Maybe I could do the pillow trick on HER face?! :D)
    Doug or Carley: So in the game Clementine is RIGHT THERE. (If I remember correctly) So I would send Clem to throw Carley her purse while I rescued Doug, though that's probably easier said, than done.
    Shooting Jolene: I wouldn't. I would probably tell whatever the fuck his name is to lower his gun and try to convince her I wasn't apart of 'them'.
    Killing Larry: Those are precautions we have to take, I would tell Clem to turn around, I would tell Kenny to get a salt lick ready while I preformed chest compressions. All while Lilly held him down. That way if he came back as a zombie, Kenny could quick throw the salt lick on him.
    Killing the St. Johns: I wouldn't kill them, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive and while I don't agree with it, human population is probably very limited as of that time, and they'll probably die of their own accord sooner or later. (Plus, MAYBELLE! Wouldn't want to leave her with no one to care for her)
    Stealing from the van: It's difficult to say since I already know it's somebodies but because I wouldn't I would probably try to convince the group to take some now then come back later.
    Shooting the girl: I'm sorry but I would shoot her, in the moment I couldn't just go on with my life knowing that I could have ended her the misery of being eaten alive.
    Leaving Lilly: It's hard to say, I would have probably kept her in because she is mentally unstable and grieving, she would be under harsh supervision and when we got the train working, I would leave her with the car and say "Good luck you stupid bitch!"
    Zombie Duck: I would shoot him absolutely, although I probably would have noticed that Katjaa was depressed and would not have let her gone in the woods alone in the first place.
    Boy in the attic: I feel like I would make Kenny do it because it is something that he needs to do and he blames himself for not even being able to shoot his own son.
    Ben in the bell tower: Like Lilly, even if he is the stupidest piece of SHIT there is, no one deserves to die like that. I would save him. No doubt.
    Removing arm: Being the smart cookie I am, I probably would've just hacked it off before we went to Vernon's.
    Killing the stranger: I would strangle him just enough that he passes out, then take his walkie talkie, throw the bowling bag out the window, and leave. As much as I despise him, I would be partially, if not completely responsible for his families death.
    Deciding your fate: I (believe) we still have our gun so I would ask for one of the bullets then tell her to go. If I were to be too weak to kill myself, at least she won't know that. She'll go on thinking I never became like her parents.
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