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How long did you expect a character to live part 3 Lilly

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Part 3 How long did you expect Lilly to survive at the time when you first met her and got to know her. Did you think she would last the whole series or not and why? Did you think she would last longer than she did? Feel free to leave your opinions.
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  • Since she was originally supposed to be the same Lilly from the comics, I knew she wouldn't die. I thought she'd part with the group around Episode 4, though, and on much better terms.
  • I assumed Episode 3 because it looked like on the train they would be getting far away from Macon which is near Woodbury, and Lilly needs to stay there to find Woodbury. I knew about the train thing because of the picture for Episode 3.

    This was before the whole Road to Woodbury bullshit though. But I still think Lilly from the game is Lilly from the comics. To me, Road to Woodbury book doesn't exist.
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