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Will Kenny Still Like Me If...?

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I figured I would say this since it's not exactly a spoiler forum, but this will have spoilers and what are you even doing here when you haven't played the full game?

Okay so, I re installed The Walking Dead upon finding out about the DLC and am now replaying through so I'll have my 'perfect' save. Anywho, I am going to be on Kenny's side throughout everything except I would rather not help kill Larry since Clem is right there. I would also prefer to not drop Ben (Because I prefer Kenny/Ben scene more then Kenny/Christa? Can't remember! :O) Would he be a super dick? In my last playthrough I did everything he wanted except drop Ben and still got the speech but would saving both Larry and Ben just make him a dick throughout everything. I'm trying to be a good influence on Clem as well as have Kenny like me.
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  • As mornai just said, Kenny will not be on your side if you dont kill Larry- I found that if i also chose Doug instead of Carley, and i killed Larry, he doesnt side with me either- he finds out from Lily that I am a con, and that i killed someone before the apocalypse.

    Also, you have to save Duck, side with him at the drugstore, kill Larry, side with him with stealing the food, and your life will be a lot easier.

    Its obviously better to have him on your side, but some of the decisions that I had to make to get him to that point are crazy too.
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